Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Week!!!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Dad!!! I'm so excited to see him later today to celebrate and to kick off the wedding festivities!

{Taken at my brother's wedding almost two years ago!}

Second, next week Ashlen from A Diamond With Sapphires is hosting in my absence! I could schedule something in advance, buuuut I've had a little bit on my mind recently and haven't written anything. Thanks for understanding and thanks to Ashlen for keeping the linkup going!!

So, uh, guess what?
This is my last Wedding Wednesday post as a bachelorette!

The wedding is Saturday!!!!

You guys.


How is this possible???
(I mean, I'm certainly not complaining)
It's just so crazy to think that the wedding is FINALLY upon us!
Andrew proposed in November 2012, so this engagement has been a little long, and because of that it kind of felt like it was always far away.

Not so anymore!

Last night I ran to Macy's, got my gown, hoisted it high so it wouldn't drag through the store as people stared (whatever I loved it!), and then hailed a cab on State Street.
SO fun! I was such a grinning fool and I didn't care.

Today we're off to enjoy this weekend and time together, to have our worlds collide and to be filled with so much love and support that we may burst!

Also, speaking of love and support, I have to share what my girls are doing for me this week!

I got a text this past week from my college bridesmaid, Callie, that I would have a package to open on Saturday. I opened it immediately and found six bejeweled envelopes with a note from Callie!

Every day (including Saturday!) I open one to see what's inside. 
Well I've gone through three - and holy happy tears!
Monday's was from Megan and oh my goodness. So incredibly sweet I could hardly take it!
I have the most wonderful friends. It's so thoughtful of Callie to orchestrate this, especially since everyone lives in a different state!

Tuesday's letter included two cards! One from my sister-in-law and one from my big brother (written to Andrew but of course I read it, too!)! They are awesome!!!

Teddy was such a good sport.

These cards were perfect timing. Work was nuts this week. I worked three hours Sunday and three hours Monday night, after doing wedding stuff. It wouldn't have been a big deal had it not been wedding week, but as such it was stressful! Even though the past week was exhausting, these letters definitely gave me the boosts I needed to get through Monday and Tuesday for sure!

Today's is from the orchestrater, Callie!

She's just basically wonderful! Such kind words and big big smiles!!! 
Love the "S" earrings, too!!!

Gosh I just love my friends and family! I can't wait to celebrate with everyone and start this new adventure with Andrew! He is going to be the best husband!

(AHH! I just wrote "husband"!!! It's all happening!!!)

Anyway, that's about it!
Our check list is pretty much complete.
The out of office response is on.
I left my computer at work (!!!)
We're packed.
And we are SO ready.

Let's DO this!!!!!


How are you doing this week?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 10 Days!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

So a funny thing happened...

I BLINKED and we're suddenly 10 days away from The Big Day!


Just a few things are left for us to do!

Andrew thought up a SUPER cute idea for our escort cards so we're working on that, plus printing our programs and menus and doing a ton of other tiny things.

A week from today the fun starts in Ohio and I seriously cannot wait!!!!

I also make sure that I take a small amount of time each day to daydream about our upcoming honeymoon to Costa Rica. It makes this 40 degree Chicago weather bearable, that's for sure!

I haven't been able to sleep well lately, though.
So much is on my mind!
As excited as I am for everything, I've been worrying lately about stupid stuff.

I'm talking really stupid.

I'm embarrassed to share this, but...

For example, around 2:30 every morning I wake up wondering one or all of the following:

Will I forget to say "thank you" to everyone?
Will I forget something important in Chicago?
Will my hair go flat or my make-up wear off or my fake eyelashes fall off and I look like a complete fool?
Will the bridesmaids dresses look more like a light purple instead of the intended grey?
Will I sweat and smell and no one will want to hug me?
Will I say something ridiculous to someone?
Will the blog world/Pinterest world judge every little choice I made?
Will anyone talk about how I didn't lose enough weight?
Will people comment on how pale I am and wonder why I didn't at least get a spray tan?
Will I spill food or drinks on my dress?
Will I tear my dress?
Will I ruin the beautiful family veil somehow since I'm a klutz?
Will my arms actually look like I have muscles (I do have them, I swear!) or will I just look like a fat, pale, white whale?

I also worry that Andrew won't think that I look pretty.
He assures me that he always thinks that I do (awww), but gosh I hope he's not disappointed when he sees me at the end of the aisle.
That's usually my 4:00 am worry.

Then I wake up around 5:30, have a good workout, get ready for the day and smack myself in the face for being RIDICULOUS.

Yikes. I am officially accepting any kicks in the rear or public shaming. I deserve it!

Do any of you other brides have similar worries or is this just my pre-wedding stress talking?

I want chocolate. And wine.

Instead I will pick up some dumbbells and try to make my arms look not fat.

How are you doing this week?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Couple of Things on My Mind

Hey there, gang!

I would say "Happy Monday," but the weather is awful, I have a headache, I'm exhausted and I'm stressed. 


Not exactly happy quite yet, but then again it's still early. There's hope!

Quick questions for all of you folks...basically I'm asking all of you to get my mind off of the negative and swing positive! :)

1) What is your favorite perfume? I would love to wear a scent on the wedding day (12 days away OMGosh!) and have no idea what to wear. I may swing by Sephora after work this week for a little stress relief and would love to pick up a new fragrance! (If it's super pricey, like over $65, please don't tell me! I can't afford more than that and don't want to know what I'm missing hehe)

2) To the married gals out there, what were your "must have" items on your honeymoon packing list? We're going to Costa Rica and want to know your tips! If you wish you would have packed something, please let me know that, too!

Thanks, all!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Updates and Bachelorette Recap!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

First of all, would anyone like to take the reins and host this linkup while I am away for the Big Day and honeymoon? It's easy and will only be for one day (Wednesday, April 30)!
Please leave a message and we will get it all set up :)

Speaking of...
You guys. The wedding is 17 days away.

I can't even tell you how much I have to do and how exhausted I am... I won't!

What I WILL share is how much fun this all is. Sure it's tiring, but it's tiring for good reasons!

And on top of it I started a new job! I love my co-workers and boss and I'm learning a ton.
Sure it's overwhelming, but I truly needed to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

However, I didn't necessarily plan for my comfort zone to go by the wayside days before the wedding, but hey, that's life, throwing you the unexpected. God can't give us more than we can handle, amIright?

Anyway, Monday night was our first dance lesson and it was just what the doctor ordered. It was fun, romantic and silly. Such a good time! I can't wait for next Monday!
We're not having a choreographed routine, just a little instruction of how to Rumba to our song and some flourish ideas. We're excited!

That being said, if you ever need a present for a friend who's engaged, I highly suggest dance lessons! My sister and brother-in-law treated us to a Groupon for group dance lessons at Christmas. Due to our schedule I knew that 8 weeks in a row of lessons, while super fun, just wasn't possible. I called the studio and they exchanged it for two private lessons. I'm so happy they made the switch!

Our instructor suggested that I wear my shoes for the lessons. Twist my arm.

OK now I finally MUST recap the incredible bachelorette in Pittsburgh!

My sister planned SUCH an amazing evening! I am so happy that it was all a surprise because the fun just kept coming and coming!

First of all, these girls really went above and beyond. I love them so very much!!

Second, they were way too generous and gave me such thoughtful gifts!!!

The first event of the evening was a surprise hairdo (with treats, too, obviously)!

Such pretty ladies!
Gosh I love them!

After our hair we went back to the hotel to finish primping and open the super sweet gifts they gave me!

My sister also planned a fun scavenger hunt and gave us all towels with this fun blog in mind!
(The towels were a nod to being in Pittsburgh, the home of our beloved Steelers Terrible Towels!)
Every time I sassed someone or something sassy happened around us we were all supposed to wave our towels with pride.

I certainly waved my towel a bunch that night!

Then we were off! 
And off we went in STYLE!

Heck yeah we got a limo!

Yep, I felt fabulous.

We ate dinner at a dive bar and had pizza and beer!
It was PERFECT!!!!!
My sister knows me so well!

Pizza, beer, my girls and sequins. What more do I need in life?

Not much...but the German beer hall we went to afterward was the cherry on top, that's for sure.
If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, PLEASE go to the Hofbrauhaus, stand on the picnic tables, drink litres of delicious bier, and dance your rear off to the live polka band!
I sure did!

These two photos are classic!

I mean, c'mon. Look at how happy I was that night!
So so so so fun. 
I can't thank my sister and girlfriends enough!!!

How are you doing this week?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Shower Time!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!
Kristyn is off this week, but I hope you will still join the link-up!

This past weekend we were in Ohio and knocked off a ton on our to-do list!
It was a very productive trip!
There is still a ton to do in the 24 (!!) days until THE BIG DAY, but it will be fun!

Today I will highlight the incredible shower I had in Pittsburgh two weeks ago, hosted by my sister, mom and aunt! Andrew's Mom was also a big help. They were decorating like crazy the night before!

What did I do?
Practiced waltzing with my Dad and drank wine. They wouldn't let me help! #notcomplaining

I just love all of the special touches! From the colors to the games and favors, they really hit it out of the park! Plus, I had a throne to sit in while I opened presents (top left). The tulle was adjusted "just so," that it appeared like I had on a purple veil while I opened. The "Pin the Bling on the Ring" was a huge hit, as my cousins, aunts and friends were blindfolded, spun around, and tried to pin the bling in the best spot! Many giggles for sure!

I love all of these pictures, especially the ones where I open what my Mom got for us. She wrapped both gifts in Cheryl's cookie boxes, so I seriously thought they were cookies. The top right is me opening the box to realize the gift was, indeed, not cookies. I was not disappointed (the gifts are AWESOME), but I did feel like a fat kid. The one below that is a blanket my Mom crochets for everyone in the family before they get married. It's so special and I was incredibly happy to get one! All of the married gals in the room said "Awww" and shared their stories about their blankets. Everyone uses them and loves them!!

Also, isn't my bow bouquet amazing? Callie did a great job!

Here are a few more group shots: I had four lovely ladies from the bridal party and nearly all of the ladies on my mom's side! It was quite the soiree!! 

So many wonderful memories!
I am so grateful and feel incredibly loved!

Now if only I had time to write those Thank You notes!

I tried to express a little thanks to the hostesses with the mostesses (?), even though it doesn't do them justice.

I gave the hostesses a little watering can, an umbrella and a pack of flower seeds. 
It's simple and not nearly enough for them, but it was all that I could think of!

Here's what I did for the gals who traveled to Pittsburgh for the shower and bachelorette:

Again, it's barely anything, but I thought it was pretty cute, especially considering that I ALWAYS carry a Tide pen myself!

Yes, I know they deserve so much more! 
Workin' on it ;)

Next week I will post some photos from the bachelorette portion of the weekend!

How are you doing this week?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: ONE MONTH!!!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

So I am going to keep this short today, unfortunately.

I want to devote the time and energy a post deserves for the incredible weekend I just had in Pittsburgh: my sister, mom and aunt threw me the most amazing shower and then my sister and some gals from the bridal party took me out on the town - limo and all!
I can't wait to share everything with you! I have a few pictures on my phone but I'm excited to see what my mom got on her camera!

To put it plainly, this past weekend and the weekend when I found THE DRESS (posts are here and here) go down as the best weekends of my life, for sure!
Well, that is until the weekend of April 26, anyway. :)

Aside from last weekend (I'm still smiling from it!), we are now in the home stretch...

That's right! ONE MONTH from today I get to FINALLY marry my wonderful Andrew!
Sorry, I won't get sappy, I'm just really excited and waterproof mascara will definitely be a must!

Also, we are heading to Ohio this weekend to meet our DJ, get our marriage license (!!!), meet with the priest and have my make-up trial!!

As if that isn't enough I have a handful of other things to do around the apartment (including taxes! Ahh!) and I need to start Thank You notes for the shower and bachelorette! Those deserve my utmost attention because I really am so very thankful!!!

Oh and my last day at my job is tomorrow and I start a new one on Monday.

No big deal, right? ;)

How are you doing this week?

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: List Update!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

So much is happening!
First and foremost, I can hardly stand how excited I am for this weekend: I'm off to Pittsburgh for my shower and bachelorette! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

On Friday I had my second fitting and let me tell ya, I loooooove my dress. Absolutely love it.
Andrew had his bachelor party this past weekend, too! Big stuff!

And now for a checklist update!
I hyperlinked a bunch of them so that I can easily reference posts.
And yes, it's a very long list.
And no, I'm not actually crazy.

The Big Stuff
Book florist (Part I) (Part II)
Buy wedding dress (Part I) (Part II)
Book cake baker
Book cookie table baker
Take Save the Date pictures
Meet with priest and vendors
Purchase veil  (using the family veil!!)
Purchase accessories for dress
Order save the dates  
Finalize guest list 
Compile addresses
Send save the dates  
Book makeup artist
Book hair stylist
Mail invitations 
Book rehearsal dinner venue
Book shuttle bus for bridal party
Find a videographer (in process!)
Purchase wedding rings
Get marriage license
Complete file of documents for church (in process!)
Shower and Bachelorette invitations
Rehearsal dinner invitations

The People
Ask bridal party to be in wedding (MOH & Flower Girl) (Bridesmaids)
Finalize ceremony musicians
Select bridesmaid dresses
Select and order groom & groomsmen attire  (I think this is all settled?)
Select Flower Girl dress

The Big Day
Buy cake knife & server (got it for Christmas!)
Purchase guest book
Find wedding jewelry
Purchase garter

The Church
Ask people to be involved in ceremony (almost done!)
Make ceremony programs

The Reception
Make reception table menus
Figure out location and d├ęcor for guest book
Make escort cards
Create favors
Ask pianist friend to play during cocktail hour
Put together a few bathroom essentials for ladies bathroom
Card Box
Honor the family veil in some fashion (I’m going to wear it!!)
Pick signature drink and name!

The Details
MOB dress shopping 
MOG dress shopping
Make-up trial
1st dress fitting 
2nd dress fitting
Finalize where I'm getting ready & where Andrew is getting ready 
Send email reminders to bridal party about rehearsal dinner/hotel reservations
Purchase rehearsal dinner dress 
Purchase bridal party gifts (almost done!)
Bachelorette party (Pittsburgh and a night out in Chicago!)
Bridal shower (Pittsburgh in March!)
Bachelor party (Milwaukee)
Purchase dresses for shower and bachelorettes
Write thank you notes for Chicago bachelorette
Write thank you notes for Pittsburgh shower and bachelorette!
Put together picture list for photographer
Rehearsal dinner deserts (MOG says “There must be desert!” Yes ma’am!)
Music selections to DJ
Music selections to ceremony musicians
Rehearsal dinner seating chart
Pick out first dance songs
Dance lessons
Finalize wedding-day timeline
Confirm florals
Wrap bridesmaids gifts in a cute way
Get ring cleaned!
Get my hair ‘did
Welcome Bags
Confirm everything with vendors
Prepare final payments/tips
Order thank you notes
Send final guest list to venue
Break in shoes (both pairs)!
Clean veil
Deliver everything to reception the Thursday before

The Big Day, Honeymoon & After
Decide on honeymoon location (Costa Rica!!!)
Book honeymoon flights
Book wedding night hotel room
Change name!
Write thank you cards!!!!

But Most Importantly…
Walk down the aisle & say I do!

How are you doing this week?

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