Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing a Little Shine

Every day I look forward to Ashley's blog posts at her inspirational blog, The Shine Project. Her message is simple: we all have the potential to shine in our lives. She has weekly challenges to push her readers in confronting their comfort zones, see the good in people, and spread the love! Now whenever I see an act of kindness I am reminded that Ashley is not alone in her optimistic outlook on life.

Anyway, last night toward the end of a road trip I came across something particularly shine-worthy and wanted to share. Andrew, another friend and I were traveling back to Chicago from a fun day in East Lansing for the MSU game. We stopped at a rest stop in Indiana, and when I walked in the restroom I saw a vase of simple flowers, something clearly picked from the surrounding area. Then I noticed roughly 30 notes scattered around this vase. Apparently someone brought this in to make the restroom a little nicer. The quick notes on scrap paper around the vase all expressed the writers' thanks for the flowers, said what they were doing on their travels, and wished everyone reading a safe trip. Some ladies wrote they were out of town visiting friends and relatives, a group on their way to Chicago for a girls' weekend, a weekend getaway with a boyfriend (who said she hopes to one day marry), etc. Most of the women said they were on their way to Chicago, just like me, only for different reasons - this realization made me stop to think: so many people take the same road to certain places but are all focusing on different paths. We're all connected, no matter our differences. All of this happened because someone just performed a simple gesture of brightening up a usually disgusting place! I love that many people joined in this activity, and I love even more that I got to see it. Anyway, I wanted to share this experience with you. I left my purse in the car, otherwise I would have snapped a picture and written a note, too! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend by watching a bunch of football. Go Steelers!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Falling for Friday!

Hi Readers!

I know I haven't written much lately. Have you ever been at a loss for words? I just haven't had much to say lately. Everything has been going well, and I have no gripes or praises. Today I wanted to write to wish all of you a happy Fall! I love this season. Between watching football, getting cozy in scarves, sweaters and boots, watching the leaves change, and cooking more often, I am a happy gal. Plus, it is comforting that I can walk a while before sweating. That's always pleasant.

Also, I weighed in this week and last and my weight didn't change an ounce from last week to this week. How far do I have until I reach my goal weight? 34.3 pounds. Maureen gave me great advice recently: don't demonize food. I didn't realize that's what I was doing. I felt guilty for eating, and that shouldn't happen! How silly of me. So today's a new day, the beginning of my new weight week, and the start of Fall. Wish me luck!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Happy Fall and Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Bit of Class Tuesday: Accidentally Promiscuous Edition

So I'll get right to it. Today after work I went to Lens Crafters because my eyes have had it. Why? Oh, I dunno, something about working on Excel sheets all day on a big screen at 150% zoom whilst squinting lost its appeal. Let me paint the picture: long day, stuck in traffic (hence fretting, and subsequently sweating), wasting money on a cab the rest of the way to the LC only to wait an hour before being seen...I think you can pick up the frustration brewing. Ever the class act, though, I perused the Tiffany and Chanel glasses and cursed silently to myself (the scene I create usually only occurs in my head).

By the time mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the eye chart I am tired, cranky, hungry, and annoyed that I can't afford the Tiffany glasses. Enter eyeball technician. We'll call him Horace. Why? Meh, it's a funny name. Anyway. I sat down, I batted my eyes and said to ol' Horace, "Can I level with you?"

"Yes, of course," Horace replied.

"Well, I don't have health insurance, so I need to talk about my options for today's visit. I'm on an hourly rate..."

"Oh OK yeah no problem...(clears throat, shifts in chair) you can talk about payment options with the doctor," said Horace. I nervously giggled and calmed down a bit. I hate talking about my money woes, after all.

Then we proceeded with the eye exam.

Fast forward ten minutes to where I am in the waiting hallway, and decided that my braid is too tight and took it out. As I did so, while running my fingers through my locks, tossing them about to get the full wavy effect, I caught a glimpse of Horace and we made awkward eye contact.

Then the thought hit me: he thinks I'm a prostitute.

Hourly rate? Hair tosses? Giggles? Seriously. I have a respectable contractor position and am therefore receiving honest and legal payment at an hourly wage. I toss my hair because, well, it's fabulous, and because I was bored. Plus I thought no one was around, AND I usually look like an idiot when I toss my hair, either because I trip mid toss or because my locks stick to my lip gloss. I digress. I giggle when I'm nervous, and I was freaking out about my credit card bill. And now poor Horace thought I propositioned him. All I know is that next time I'll be prepared. When I go in to pick up my contacts I will wear a turtleneck, frumpy pants, and I won't make eye contact with anyone, especially Horace...which may be difficult since not only will I be at an eye care location, I also don't own a turtleneck or frumpy pants. Dilemma.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mary's Musing Monday: The Ooops I Did It Again Edition


So what if I just channeled a little Brit for my title. I did it again, though: I fell off the wagon. Which wagon? Well, it seems to go hand-in-hand for me. When I start to get lazy about my eating habits, I feel too lazy to write in the blog because I am ashamed that I, yet again, couldn't stick to keeping track of my points on Weight Watchers. A co-worker actually said today that I am looking skinnier and skinnier, which was sweet. Lies, but sweet ones.

So there you go. My musing this week is about how I struggle to keep up-to-date with my blog and how I love to eat. I said many a time that I would write no matter if I gained or lost on my weekly weigh-ins, but I haven't been able to bring myself to the scale in the last few weeks. It just gets so depressing. Have any of you ever tried to lose weight time and again? It's not that Weight Watchers is hard or that it doesn't work. It's an awesome and healthy life style, but I just ignore portion control. I recently read a fellow blogger's post about her struggles, and she inspired me to get back in the game. Mimi's post on her blog Irresistible Icing had the best graphic:

I'm going to stop saying that I want to lose weight. I'm going to start writing regularly. I'm going to keep track of my points. I will get on that scale on Friday and face the facts that I am chunky. No matter how much yoga or Butt Bible I do or how many times I attempt to run (I HATE my knees!), I will never get rid of my weight until I manage my portions, say no to baked goods, and avoid bad carbs. Sigh...I wish I just didn't have such a love for food. I've done it before, though, so I know I can do it again! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Bit of Sass Thursday


Hey sassy readers! What are you planning to do today to let your sass shine?

Two things today:
1) I have been enlightened: Megan on My Two Cents (...before I spend it!) posted earlier this week on Essie's fall nail polish line, and yesterday about an amazing top coat by Sally Hansen. Well I just so happened to spot both at my CVS stop yesterday, and my nails are so happy. The "Carry On" color looks darker on than in the bottle, but it's still very pretty and perfect for fall/winter (although I do NOT want to think about winter!!). The top coat really did dry fast! My nails never dry unless I sit absolutely still for over an hour and don't do anything strenuous after that. Now I don't have to worry about it! Sorry for the picture of my hand but I had to show you the shiny results!

2) Earlier today I was introduced to a new blog, called JandJ Home. One post was a how-to for a DIY rug. Andrew and I need two new rugs and since that can be expensive, I may just give this a whirl. I was thinking of creating a chevron print or a stencil of a simple pattern (West Elm rugs are my current inspiration). What do you think? Do you have any stories about DIY rug projects? Think it's a bad idea or a great way to save about $100?

I won't be blogging until next week, but I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend! :)