Monday, September 12, 2011

Mary's Musing Monday: The Ooops I Did It Again Edition


So what if I just channeled a little Brit for my title. I did it again, though: I fell off the wagon. Which wagon? Well, it seems to go hand-in-hand for me. When I start to get lazy about my eating habits, I feel too lazy to write in the blog because I am ashamed that I, yet again, couldn't stick to keeping track of my points on Weight Watchers. A co-worker actually said today that I am looking skinnier and skinnier, which was sweet. Lies, but sweet ones.

So there you go. My musing this week is about how I struggle to keep up-to-date with my blog and how I love to eat. I said many a time that I would write no matter if I gained or lost on my weekly weigh-ins, but I haven't been able to bring myself to the scale in the last few weeks. It just gets so depressing. Have any of you ever tried to lose weight time and again? It's not that Weight Watchers is hard or that it doesn't work. It's an awesome and healthy life style, but I just ignore portion control. I recently read a fellow blogger's post about her struggles, and she inspired me to get back in the game. Mimi's post on her blog Irresistible Icing had the best graphic:

I'm going to stop saying that I want to lose weight. I'm going to start writing regularly. I'm going to keep track of my points. I will get on that scale on Friday and face the facts that I am chunky. No matter how much yoga or Butt Bible I do or how many times I attempt to run (I HATE my knees!), I will never get rid of my weight until I manage my portions, say no to baked goods, and avoid bad carbs. Sigh...I wish I just didn't have such a love for food. I've done it before, though, so I know I can do it again! :)

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