Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confession Time

1) I went for a run and thought about food the whole time
2) Then I did OnDemand Exercise TV's Level 2 of The Butt Bible...have you heard of it? I LOVE it! I'm hoping my rear will rock soon.
3) Here's for the real confession...I'm watching E!...a show about Selena Gomez. I truly didn't know anything about the girl until this show, and she's a cute little kid, but still. Do I really need to know that she was on Barney or that she receives death threats for dating the Biebs? Did I really just refer to Justin Bieber as the Biebs?

This all translates rather easily: I.NEED.A.JOB.

Have a nice Thursday! ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!


Well hello friends! What are you wishing for this Wednesday? I'm wishing for stronger knees so I can run farther*.

Also, I need to poll people...have any of you heard about the Cinch Diet? I watched a segment about it on Rachel Ray this morning. I kind of want to try the five day cleanse and then just stick to my Weight Watchers. Thoughts?

*Thanks to Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy for my grammar lesson!! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking Along Wacker

This morning I met with a recruiter and heard exactly what I wanted and needed to hear: that I am a perfect fit for a number of positions they have available. Next step? She'll share my info to the other recruiters and find me positions, either full-time or freelance. After that lovely meeting I walked along Wacker on my way to meet Andrew for a birthday lunch (Happy Birthday!!!). Pretty view, eh??? :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary's Musings Monday!


Check me out in The Red Eye!!

Also, check out Sun Savvy!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Fancies

Happy Friday, friends! So I know I should be posting Weight Watchers updates, but surprise, surprise, Andrew and I are having too much fun exploring the delicious Chicago food and have yet to get back on the wagon. His birthday is this Tuesday, so we plan to get back on track after that. However, we have not been out of control, so we have learned something from our spring WW journey. Anyway, look for updates starting next week or maybe the week after :)

Here's my Friday's Fancies look for this week. I started with the shoes because I ADORE the color! I would love to wear this out tonight to a fancy night on the town. Have you ever been to Chicago and have any places where I should wear this outfit?!?! A girl can dream, right? :)

Friday's Fancies!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Sure It's High Time for This Little Lass To Go To Target


As if anyone needs an excuse to hit up Target, this is actually a necessity. As I have mentioned more times than I would like to admit, I am unemployed and therefore am either running along the Lake or working out to Comcast's OnDemand Exercise TV to save some dough. Well, I just did three different workouts which were very fun. The first was a 10-minute warm-up to The ABC's of Hip Hop. Hilarious. Who has two thumbs and can't dance? This girl. Then I wanted to do a 20-minute Cardio Challenge, which was fun and made me break a sweat. THEN I did a 45 minute 6-Round Slimdown. It.Was.AMAZING. It really was a total body sweat fest in my living room. The only problem? My "gear."

I think a visual helps in this circumstance:
OK so I have a mat, which is great. But yeah, those "hand weights " are a bottle of oil and a pint of Guinness. The "medicine ball?" A box of hangers. Hey, what you may think is weird I happen to think is clever...until I had to do some tosses with my "medicine ball." That wasn't pretty.

So today I'm wishing for some actual workout gear. What are you wishing for this Wednesday? :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dishwashers Aren't Just For Dishes Anymore

So I happen to have Rachel Ray on this morning and someone is on her show describing the many uses for the dishwasher. Aside from the typical, you know, dishes, I've washed many a baseball cap in there, but never have I heard to wash the following:
  • Make-up brushes
  • Hair brushes
  • Fake flowers to remove dust
  • Light fixtures (like a globe or something covering a light bulb on the ceiling)
  • Kids' bath toys
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm not the only lady who doesn't wash her make-up brushes as often as she should. Have any of you tried this trick? If not, I'll be happy to volunteer and show you the results.

And now I must change the channel because she's about to make something yummy and unhealthy :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Think I Finally Caught the Yoga Bug

So back in high school my volleyball team had some trainers from the YMCA to come and kick our butts during conditioning. Please keep in mind our gym did not have air conditioning and it was in August...and that I'm a sweater. OK don't keep that in mind. It's gross. Anyway, one day an instructor decided we would do yoga without yoga mats in the gym as a cool-down. Needless to say, I couldn't do a single pose without slipping, and subsequently giggling, distracting anyone who may have actually tried to focus. My coach yelled at me and told me to go lift weights. Yoga was a joke to me after that day.

Fast-forward to last year when I went to a free yoga class because my awesome boss at the time got it for me. I thought it was a nice stress relief, but I didn't sweat and told myself that it wasn't worth the money to invest in a membership when I could workout at school.

Now I'm in the whole unemployment phase of my life and I don't have a membership anywhere. As I have mentioned before, I have become a junkie for OnDemand exercises. I think they are just plain awesome. Yes I still need hand weights (although my alcohol bottles truly are a nice substitute!), but I enjoy my daily dose of toning. Last week I decided to give yoga another whirl...and oh my gosh I love it! I am always sore the next day! Who friggin' knew??? There's a yoga studio across the street, and to my delight has free classes on Tuesdays! Woo! I went today and wasn't intimidated by everyone who is more flexible.

So yay for yoga! I still need to get solid amounts of cardio in because I'm a hefty gal and can't survive on yoga alone, but it sure is a nice cool-down and a nice change of pace!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mary's Musings Monday!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rainy Day

What should I do today? It's raining so beach volleyball this evening will most likely be canceled, and it also means I'll be around the apartment today. I have some freelance research to do and a book to read, but I'm antsy for something else to do. Like I said on Monday, I LOVE Comcast's On Demand exercises, so I plan to do that as well. But it isn't even 9am here in the Windy City and I'm already itching to do something else indoors. What do you do on rainy days?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mary's Musings Monday!

Hola friends! Here's the link I mentioned in the video: I'm looking forward to your advice!! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Loving the Lake

Good morning!

Yesterday I decided to explore the area and went for a run from my place to Lake Michigan, about a mile away from our place. There is an incredible park with bike trails all along the shore. I just love it and can see myself working out along the Lake often. I just need a paycheck so I can get my bike some TLC!

I predict that today is going to be a good day. I'm currently at a coffee shop by the L for the wireless so I can do my freelance work (I have to have my report in by 9am EST, which means 8 here! Wah!). I can't wait for Comcast to come tomorrow! Anyway, Andrew just stopped by for a smooch on his way in to work. After this I'm going to head to a consignment store near our place to see if there's anything fun for our apartment. I am so excited for all of the little projects I have planned to organize the place. Are you interested in seeing pictures? I am happy to share them!

I am going to meet Andrew for lunch and then head to a headhunter for some job search help. I may temp until I find something I like. Don't get me wrong, I apply to roughly four jobs a day, but I don't hear from oh, about all of them. I also plan to be a server if I have to be unemployed much longer.

After my meeting I have my first beach volleyball game! I joined a team of Andrew's friends. I can't wait! I am short and have no vertical, but I sure do love to play anyway. Then we're heading to our sponsor bar! I'm so excited!!