Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishful Wednesday!


Well hello friends! What are you wishing for this Wednesday? I'm wishing for stronger knees so I can run farther*.

Also, I need to poll people...have any of you heard about the Cinch Diet? I watched a segment about it on Rachel Ray this morning. I kind of want to try the five day cleanse and then just stick to my Weight Watchers. Thoughts?

*Thanks to Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy for my grammar lesson!! :)


Sonora Bostian said...

My general rule is to avoid anything called "diet." Two sentences in on the Cinch Diet, I saw a red flag - "8 pounds in five days." Healthy (and maintained) weight loss will be 1-3 pounds a week maximum, with weight loss usually happening at 1-2 pounds a week. Also, cleanses marketed as a diet tend to have you eating really low (sometimes dangerously low) amounts of food per day, and that's how they "work." For example, the popular Master Cleanse has you drinking nothing but spicy lemon water for 10 days. Of course you lose weight - you're essentially not eating for over a week!

Even if weight is lost this way, it usually comes back within a year or two (if not right away). From my experiences with weight loss - and I've been down the path several times! - slow, sustained weight loss by changing my food habits and exercising 3-5 times a week is what works best. In regards to exercising, it's also important to strength-train, because this builds muscle and burns fat. Often when one loses weight without toning muscle, it just shrinks the excess fat without getting rid of it; so it has a greater chance of coming back! Healthier eating and regular exercise will help you lose the weight your body needs to lose - no more, no less.

I hope this helps and doesn't sound too lecture-y - that's not my intent! I just can't stress enough the bogus nature of "fad diets." Cleanse seems to be the new term-du-jour because it kind of falls in line with the healthy eating/detox mindset that's been floating around, but it's essentially new clothes on an old emperor. A fad diet is a fad diet, and ultimately it won't work in the long run.

Sarah said...

i just looked into this and found this website to be very informative:

The last 2 cons (difficult to follow at restaurants and risk of rebound weight gain) are a little discouraging, but it sounds like a pretty good "cleanse" diet....better than some others that require you to juice everything!

Mo said...

The second I go on a diet, I break it immediately. I like food and that's that. I do think the cleanses can help, but I never do more than 3 days. and you can't watch TV. The subliminal advertising will make you want to eat everything in your house.