Thursday, June 2, 2011

Loving the Lake

Good morning!

Yesterday I decided to explore the area and went for a run from my place to Lake Michigan, about a mile away from our place. There is an incredible park with bike trails all along the shore. I just love it and can see myself working out along the Lake often. I just need a paycheck so I can get my bike some TLC!

I predict that today is going to be a good day. I'm currently at a coffee shop by the L for the wireless so I can do my freelance work (I have to have my report in by 9am EST, which means 8 here! Wah!). I can't wait for Comcast to come tomorrow! Anyway, Andrew just stopped by for a smooch on his way in to work. After this I'm going to head to a consignment store near our place to see if there's anything fun for our apartment. I am so excited for all of the little projects I have planned to organize the place. Are you interested in seeing pictures? I am happy to share them!

I am going to meet Andrew for lunch and then head to a headhunter for some job search help. I may temp until I find something I like. Don't get me wrong, I apply to roughly four jobs a day, but I don't hear from oh, about all of them. I also plan to be a server if I have to be unemployed much longer.

After my meeting I have my first beach volleyball game! I joined a team of Andrew's friends. I can't wait! I am short and have no vertical, but I sure do love to play anyway. Then we're heading to our sponsor bar! I'm so excited!!


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Lucy The Valiant said...

The lake looks gorgeous! And yes to pictures of organizing! I'm on such an organizing kick right now it isn't even funny!