Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things You Should Never Say To A Class Full of Immature Minds...or Maybe Just To Me

Yeah...about this...

Okay. So. Today was the last meeting for the semester in one of my classes. Joyous day, right? Right. Well, added to the fact that on gchat a friend and the bf kept sending me things that either made me laugh or smile. (Side note: do not lecture me on how I shouldn't be online during class. You are completely correct. I should not. Call me a dare devil. Or a 24-year old with self-diagnosed ADD. You make the call.)

Let me preface by saying some fun facts about me and my laughing habits.
1) If I see something funny, I laugh;
2) If I hear something funny, I laugh;
3) If I see and/or hear something funny that is inappropriate or at an inappropriate time I will laugh.
3) (a) Most likely it will be an uncontrollable laugh
3) (b) Most likely it will include tears and convulsing
4) If I think about any of these occurrences, especially at an inappropriate time, I have a giggle fit and/or laugh attack, however you like to categorize.

Back to my story. So not only was I chipper due to my completely non-stealth gchat conversations, my professor made a comment that will forever make me laugh. We went around the room to discuss how we're constructing our final papers. One classmate shared hers, and the prof said, "Ah, yes, oral things are really pleasing."

I was hard enough to not scream "That's what she said!"

Should I put that into context or make you think about it for a minute? I'm gonna go ahead and let you think about it. So, Reflect. Simmer. Enjoy.


So. Not only did she open her comment with that, it continued to EXAMPLES. I had to immediately avert my eyes. But that was nearly impossible for I was trapped, I tell you! Trapped. We sit in a circle in class. If I would've looked at someone I would've lost it. I looked at the ceiling. Too obvious, though - you could probably see my eyes glistening in the fluorescent lights as I tried to hold back tears. In a split second I looked to the floor, but that wasn't a wise decision, either, because I was afraid a tear would actually spill out, thus opening the flood gates. I went to gchat, my only solace, as I typed in a frenzy to anyone I could of what just happened.

I probably looked somewhat crazy due to my sudden, paranoid movements but what could I do? I held my breath and waited for her to change the topic. My face luckily faded from red to pale as we switched conversation to the next victim in class. Kudos to her: I would've laughed had I had to speak. So pretty much the next time I'm in class or Mass or any other venue when I shouldn't laugh, I will most likely look back on this and have a giggle fit.

Oh we were talking about cooking and eating, which is how our conversation went from a normal to an oral fashion.