Thursday, February 27, 2014

How About Some Chipotle...uh I mean Tetris?

So I guess this isn't that sassy, but it's really interesting...a sassy/clever trick, if you will.

So I was perusing the Mashable headlines this morning when one particularly caught my eye.

"A Quick 'Tetris' Game Can Curb Cravings for Cigarettes or Food"

Say whaaaaat?

Apparently Plymouth University in the UK conducted a study that tested Elaborated Intrusion Theory, suggesting that imagery is central to our cravings and that images give the brain a visual task to suppress urges. 

Basically, cravings usually last only a few minutes, where the brain pictures the craving.
So, if this is me we're talking about, I am picturing Chipotle...

...mmmm Chipotle...


Supposedly, all the brain needs is a little distraction during the craving and then it passes!
Enter Tetris.

Researches said that if you play Tetris (or in my mind, any little game) for short bursts of time, you will trick and distract your brain from craving Chipotle. Uh, I mean, food or booze or cigarettes or whatever it is that you're craving and you shouldn't.

Check out the story here. It links to the study (that I'm too lazy to read myself).

Anyone else downloading Tetris from the app store right now (or dreaming about Chipotle)?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 2 Months!!!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I can't even keep it together, you guys.

2 months away from the BIG DAY!!!!!!!

59 Days, to be exact!
Can you believe it?
I seriously can't!

I have so much to share today, too!
(Accompanied by A LOT of exclamation points, I might add.)
Next week I'll share our updated list - we are just down to the details at this point!!!

First of all, we finished the invitations! The invitations are out and people have started to receive them!!!!!
What's super fun is that my sister sent the Pittsburgh Shower/Bachelorette invites, too, so I got those in the mail! She did such a great job!!

Then I realized that I forgot to send two incredibly important invites, so I put those in the mail yesterday:

That's right! We're inviting the Obamas and The Mice!

Apparently if you send them wedding invitations "they" write back to you words of congratulations! 
I mean, duh, we had to do it.

In the words of Mickey, "Oh Boy!"

Here are their addresses if you want to join the fun!

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Guest Letters
Letters to Mickey Mouse
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-00100

Last but certainly not least, we got our rings!!! We hopped over to Jewelers Row yesterday at lunch, not expecting to find anything, but we were pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices!

And boom. Just like that, two huge things crossed off the list.
I didn't think that I would like a white gold band next to my platinum engagement ring, but I actually kind of love how it looks!

Here's to another good week of wedding planning!

How are you doing this week?

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Just a little classy quote for your day:

Gotta love a good Twain quote.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Have a good one!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Have One Fewer Chin!

Seriously you guys I am so excited!! 
I saw a number on the scale this morning that I haven't seen in over a year AND I'm wearing a pair of my hot jeans that I haven't been able to wear for a while.

In other words:

I have lost 10 pounds since Christmas!

2) Eating healthy with little alcohol, keeping myself honest via my Weight Watchers app
3) No sugar - when my sweet tooth attacks I eat light applesauce, fat free whipped cream, sugar free pudding or fat free Greek yogurt 

Seriously, if you need help with your weight loss and/or fitness goals let me know. 
I'm selling Advocare products and they have been a huge help for me. Advocare can help you, too!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I am ridiculously happy to report that I put away my ink and calligraphy pen.

My fingers are no longer black. I even painted my nails to celebrate.

Yep, that's right: I officially finished addressing the inner and outer envelopes!

It's stuffing time, folks.
All I need now are stamps and time.
Stamps and time.

I also ordered my shower dress, rehearsal dinner dress, a maxi for the honeymoon (yay Asos sale!) and wedding earrings.
Set 'em up and I will knock.them.down.

Considering that invitations and a couple of other important tasks consumed my weekend, I admit that I did not prepare a post for today. I'm even still working on reading all of the entries from last week! Guilty! I fully admit it! Ahhh I'm sorry!!!

Anyway, let's get back to talking about weddings and not my busy schedule.

Let's talk about social media.

Well, I am curious about when all of you either made your nuptials "official" on Facebook or when you plan to do so.

Some couples update immediately after the ceremony.
Others wait until after the honeymoon.
Still others simply get around to it when they think about it.

The reason I ask stems from conversations with co-workers.
We teased a friend about making her relationship "official" already by putting it on Facebook.

Why do we feel the need to publicize things like that?

I mean, engagement I can understand. I couldn't wait to update my status and share our story, but I made sure that I called family and close friends first.

But marriage?
Aren't the most important people in your life witnessing it?
They kinda know what you're up to, so what's the rush?

Now that I think about it, I'll probably update while we're traveling because I will be bored between flights and will probably be stalking our Instagram hashtag.
{Oh don't judge, I know you'll do the same!}
I then fully plan to unplug until we return to Chicago after the honeymoon.

Married ladies, what did you do? Do you even remember? Did it matter to you?
Future brides, have you thought about it?
Sound off in the comments!

Also, following up from Friday's post, I am now a happy distributer of Advocare
Let me know if you want to talk :)


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Want to Lose 5 Pounds? An Advocare Review

You guys. I'm just really excited.

I talked about my workout routine earlier this week
That, paired with clean, sugar-free eating, little alcohol and 
has helped me to lose almost 8 pounds since Christmas.
4.6 of those were during the last two weeks while I was on the cleanse.

Honestly, I feel great. Better than I have felt in years.
I know that is a little dramatic, but it's true!

Cleanses have such a horrid connotation. 
This cleanse, however, was fantastic.
I was never uncomfortable and after each reasonably portioned meal I felt full.
It includes a fiber drink, probiotic pills and herbal cleanse tablets.

Granted, the fiber drink is not exactly the easiest thing to drink, but suck it up. It's doable.

My favorite thing about the cleanse aside from just feeling better was that it helped to curb my otherwise insatiable appetite. 
You see, my appetite is the reason why I'm not a skinny person.
Seriously, I use working out as a crutch for eating more and increasing my portion sizes.
Obviously that doesn't work.

Considering that I'm on Weight Watchers (tracking points really keeps me on track), I must say that I barely dipped into my allowance points in the past two weeks while taking Advocare products.
Once the cleanse completed (Tuesday of this week for me), I started to take ThermoPlus, a vitamin supplement. It still helps to curb my appetite!
I LOVE that! 

Why these two products?
My good friend Greg from high school has sold Advocare products for the last seven years and has helped SO many people. He really knows his stuff. When I mentioned that I just need some help with my appetite and toning he knew exactly what products I should use. Plus, I can't afford the 24-Day Challenge, which looks pretty amazing, too.

But seriously, if you are interested in trying Advocare please let me know. I can put you in contact with Greg! Andrew and I are also considering selling Advocare...would any of you want to buy anything? I could get samples of stuff before you commit!!!

If you need a jump-start to weight loss I really think Advocare can help you.
It only took a couple pounds lost to make me a believer. 

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little Bit of Sass Thursday - Liebster Award!

I was so tickled when I read Olivia's blog post yesterday - she nominated me for the Liebster Award! Such a sweetie, thanks Olivia!!!

A Liebster Award is a way for fellow bloggers to recognize their friends in the blogging community. In a way it is a "pay it forward" link up party that makes it possible for the recipients to gain more followers and interest on their little part of the world wide web.

I am supposed to answer a few questions and then nominate other bloggers for the award.
What's funny is that most of the bloggers I would nominate either 1) have received this award recently or 2) don't read my blog.

So I'll just give a shout out to a long list of my favorite bloggers because I love them. 
I even know some of them in real life! Imagine that!!

Obviously Olivia from Mother May I
Kristyn, my Wedding Wednesday co-host, from Chits & Giggles
Stephanie, my favorite Chicago blogger-in-crime, from Not Entirely Perfect
Taylor, another favorite Chicago blogger, from The Daily Tay
Rachel, another favorite, from Raves & Revelations
Sweet Susan, another favorite, from A Little Ray of Sunshine
All of the amazing ladies from Wedding Wednesday - there are way too many to name but I seriously look forward to reading their updates every week and writing back and forth! It's so fun!
Janelle from Undomestic Bliss
Maureen from Mo In A Box
A new friend, Katie Elizabeth
Ana, my hilarious and dear friend, from Accidentally Sexy
Michelle, from Sweet Musings
Megan from Style Me Swanky
Carly from College Prepster
Mackenzie from Design Darling
Diane, from A Spot of Whimsy
Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy
Danielle from Breakfast at Toast
Alaina from Live Creating Yourself (she and Danielle are the brains behind the amazing Everygirl)
Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied
Chelsea from Hello Miss Chelsea
Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy
Jackie from Jade and Oak
Leeann from Join the Gossip
Kendi from Kendi Everyday
Emily from Be Blessed, Ya'll

And wow I read a lot of blogs because there are so many more!!! 
I had to stop there, but I have other daily reads.

Isn't this blog world fun??

Anyway, on to the questions that I'm supposed to answer:

1) What's up? Seriously, what's happening right when you type this?
I'm sipping my latte and looking between my spreadsheets and powerpoints and this here blog, that's what. Yep, real exciting.

2) How did you come up with your blog name?
Honestly, this blog is an old gal. I first started to document a couple of stories a year starting back in June 2009 (Oh my I'm re-reading some of these posts from way back when. My favorite is right here about being pale). I honestly don't remember how I came up with this blog name but I do remember that my other option was "AHHHHNEEDABEER." What? I was working at a law firm, about to start grad school. I did need one.

3) What is your favorite part about blogging?
The other bloggers! I love having an online group of a non-ICQ-creepy-kind of way, of course. I love to connect with people. My wallet hates that I blog, though, I will say that. Many of my purchases are because I saw another blogger wear/buy/promote different things.

4) Least favorite?
Honestly, I have two least-favorites. First, I feel like it can be a popularity contest, and sometimes I just don't feel like participating. Second, I can't divulge everything that I would like for fear of who might read it. Sometimes I wish I could be anonymous!

5) What's the very first outfit you can remember wearing?
My OshKosh B'gosh overalls. Pink and corduroy. Not gonna lie, I was kind of adorable from ages 3-5. All downhill after then, though.

6) What's the last makeup product you bought?
My Nars blush. You know what it's called, don't make me say it!

7) Did you have an "awkward phase" growing up? Describe it!
I'm still growing out of it. Picture pimples, glasses and braces. *shudder*

8) What's your all-time favorite movie?
Oy, that's a toughie. I have too many. 

9) What are you wearing as you type this?
A royal blue top tucked into my houndstooth skirt with black tights and black patent leather flats. It was above 10 degrees this morning, totally skirt weather! Yay heat wave!

10) It's the weekend, do you go out, or prefer to stay in? Why?
Depends on my mood, the weather and my bank account balance.

11) What's your all-time favorite song?
Again, too many to say. 

That's all, folks!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: First Fitting!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Fun update to share today!!!

Friday was my first dress fitting!

Two of my girlfriends joined me, which was awesome. That's not something any bride should do alone.

I haven't tried on the dress since it arrived in June, so I had a few worries running through my head leading up to it. Luckily the dress still fit and still looked gorgeous and still made me smile. I may have danced a little - just to test the dress, of course!

It also helped that Jen and Daniela told me that I looked amazing. Compliments never hurt.
Neither do cocktails. We grabbed a couple of drinks at the swanky Hotel Palomar soon after. Such a lovely start to the weekend!

I have my second fitting scheduled and I can't wait for it! At that point the dress will be the correct length and will (hopefully) fit me like a glove!

And oh yeah, the wedding is in under 75 days.
73 now I think?
I still have 15 more envelopes to address.
Oh and then the inner envelopes.
Oh and a bunch of other stuff to do, too.

However, it's all fun stuff!

Whenever I feel stressed I think about walking down the aisle, seeing Andrew, and then enjoying our time with family and friends. Then the stress subsides.

What do you do to suppress the stress?


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Workout Review - Ripped in 30

I have had a few people ask me about my workout routine lately so I wanted to share a review. [Opinions are my own and everyone is different - some workouts aren't for everybody!]
I typically workout five days a week, sometimes 6. I sometimes even workout twice a day.
Before you think I'm crazy let me remind you that you've all seen pictures of me or know me in person: I'm not a skinny girl. 
I disgust myself, if I'm being honest. 
I have to workout to save myself from hating myself.
I'm working on my eating habits, too, and Weight Watchers and Advocare have helped (review coming on Friday!), so hopefully I'll at least like myself soon.
(No, that was not an invitation to a pity party.)
I honestly like to start my day with a quick workout and when I have the time and energy I'll workout after work. 
Most people can't stick to a workout routine for long periods of time. I can because I honestly like it. I've been working out my whole life and the only periods of time that I don't is due to sickness.
I also love to workout in the mornings because Teddy is so fun and keeps me smiling. He's a great workout buddy!
After work workouts consist of:
  • Running (outside when it's nice, inside at my work's gym during the winter) for about three or four miles. Oh and by "running" it's more of a slow jog because I'm a chubster
  • Boxing: I love to hit and kick the crap out of a heavy bag - it's seriously the BEST stress relief!!!
  • P90X
  • Insanity if my knees aren't bugging me
  • Something I've pinned on Pinterest
Keep in mind I workout after work at most three times per week. It's been less recently due to a hectic schedule and addressing invitations (22 more to go!!!)

In the mornings, though, I need something quick just to get me going for the day, especially if I know that I can't workout after work. I need a nice sweat session, if you will. 
Enter Jillian.
I will say that I do not like her 30-Day Shred program. It's just not enough for me. I own it but don't really find it challenging. That's just me, though. 
(If you want it let me know and I'll mail it to you.)
Her Ripped in 30, though, that's a great workout for me.
When I first got it I did a workout here and there and liked it, but in January I wanted to really do the prescribed program for four weeks. 
I thought that it was awesome.
I didn't measure myself before or after, but I know I slimmed down because my jeans fit me better. I also lost about three pounds. 
Most importantly, I felt better.
No, it's not a drastic change, but it worked for me in terms of giving me a good sweat, getting me going for the day, and quickly making me feel better about myself. 
I'm now doing Jillian's 6-Week 6 Pack DVD in the mornings, interchanging with Mary Hellen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful every other day. Both are great workouts, too!
I may switch back to Ripped in 30 once my 6 weeks are up.
I also heard that P90X now has a 30-minute version. I may save up and buy that, too!

Do you workout in the mornings?
Do you have any DVDs that you like?
Please share!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I admit it. I didn't have a post planned for this week's link-up.

I've been completely absorbed in screwing up my calligraphy addressing our invitations.

So today I found a fun quote that relates to marriage.
And I wrote it in my amateur calligraphy.

I kind of love this quote.
Dr. Seuss gets me.

How are all of you doing? What's going on in your wedding world?


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