Friday, February 14, 2014

Want to Lose 5 Pounds? An Advocare Review

You guys. I'm just really excited.

I talked about my workout routine earlier this week
That, paired with clean, sugar-free eating, little alcohol and 
has helped me to lose almost 8 pounds since Christmas.
4.6 of those were during the last two weeks while I was on the cleanse.

Honestly, I feel great. Better than I have felt in years.
I know that is a little dramatic, but it's true!

Cleanses have such a horrid connotation. 
This cleanse, however, was fantastic.
I was never uncomfortable and after each reasonably portioned meal I felt full.
It includes a fiber drink, probiotic pills and herbal cleanse tablets.

Granted, the fiber drink is not exactly the easiest thing to drink, but suck it up. It's doable.

My favorite thing about the cleanse aside from just feeling better was that it helped to curb my otherwise insatiable appetite. 
You see, my appetite is the reason why I'm not a skinny person.
Seriously, I use working out as a crutch for eating more and increasing my portion sizes.
Obviously that doesn't work.

Considering that I'm on Weight Watchers (tracking points really keeps me on track), I must say that I barely dipped into my allowance points in the past two weeks while taking Advocare products.
Once the cleanse completed (Tuesday of this week for me), I started to take ThermoPlus, a vitamin supplement. It still helps to curb my appetite!
I LOVE that! 

Why these two products?
My good friend Greg from high school has sold Advocare products for the last seven years and has helped SO many people. He really knows his stuff. When I mentioned that I just need some help with my appetite and toning he knew exactly what products I should use. Plus, I can't afford the 24-Day Challenge, which looks pretty amazing, too.

But seriously, if you are interested in trying Advocare please let me know. I can put you in contact with Greg! Andrew and I are also considering selling Advocare...would any of you want to buy anything? I could get samples of stuff before you commit!!!

If you need a jump-start to weight loss I really think Advocare can help you.
It only took a couple pounds lost to make me a believer. 

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!


Rachel Farrell said...

Congrats on your success friend! Today is day 9...anxious to see my results on Sunday! Keep up the hard work :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I've heard such good things about this!

Brittney said...

I'm one of those people who have a horrible idea of the concept of a "cleanse" (blame those Beyonce cleanses that I'm always hearing horror stories about). But seriously congrats! I'm glad to see that there are products out to help keep weight off in a safe manner.


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