Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I am ridiculously happy to report that I put away my ink and calligraphy pen.

My fingers are no longer black. I even painted my nails to celebrate.

Yep, that's right: I officially finished addressing the inner and outer envelopes!

It's stuffing time, folks.
All I need now are stamps and time.
Stamps and time.

I also ordered my shower dress, rehearsal dinner dress, a maxi for the honeymoon (yay Asos sale!) and wedding earrings.
Set 'em up and I will knock.them.down.

Considering that invitations and a couple of other important tasks consumed my weekend, I admit that I did not prepare a post for today. I'm even still working on reading all of the entries from last week! Guilty! I fully admit it! Ahhh I'm sorry!!!

Anyway, let's get back to talking about weddings and not my busy schedule.

Let's talk about social media.

Well, I am curious about when all of you either made your nuptials "official" on Facebook or when you plan to do so.

Some couples update immediately after the ceremony.
Others wait until after the honeymoon.
Still others simply get around to it when they think about it.

The reason I ask stems from conversations with co-workers.
We teased a friend about making her relationship "official" already by putting it on Facebook.

Why do we feel the need to publicize things like that?

I mean, engagement I can understand. I couldn't wait to update my status and share our story, but I made sure that I called family and close friends first.

But marriage?
Aren't the most important people in your life witnessing it?
They kinda know what you're up to, so what's the rush?

Now that I think about it, I'll probably update while we're traveling because I will be bored between flights and will probably be stalking our Instagram hashtag.
{Oh don't judge, I know you'll do the same!}
I then fully plan to unplug until we return to Chicago after the honeymoon.

Married ladies, what did you do? Do you even remember? Did it matter to you?
Future brides, have you thought about it?
Sound off in the comments!

Also, following up from Friday's post, I am now a happy distributer of Advocare
Let me know if you want to talk :)


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P!nky said...

Honestly, I laugh at the girls that change their status the night of or the day after the wedding. It's such a show and I find it ridiculous. I also find it funny when girls change their name on facebook before it's even official with a new SS card.

I changed my status about month later, mostly because people teased me about not changing it. And I didn't change my name until I received my SS card with my new name on it, about four months later.

Kristyn said...

I will probably change everything after the wedding. I don't know though. I haven't really thought about it yet. I probably won't officially change my name until much later, so Facebook will be the first thing to get changed.

Beth said...

I think we changed ours on our way to the honeymoon (day after the wedding). It was a long trip so we were having fun reading all of the comments/looking at pictures and went ahead and updated the status as well.
I think I changed my name as both maiden and married before legally changing it, then just to married after it was legal. Can't remember for sure though...
I feel like with social media nowadays, most people update their facebook really quickly (a friend updated everything on the way to the reception).

Katie Elizabeth said...

We updated our "married" status and posted a picture and a thank you for all the well wishes on Sunday night after the wedding, right before we left for our honeymoon. We then unplugged for two weeks while we were away. About a month after the wedding I finally got around to changing my name and contact info. I don't think it's making a big "show" of anything but more of sharing your excitement with the world about being newly married!

Stephanie said...

Haha I have no facebook! Saves a lot of headaches that way ;) But otherwise my code is 'the sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on facebook'

Amanda Moments said...

I changed mine a few days after. I was excited to do it, but was also really busy right after the wedding cleaning up, putting gifts away, etc. And our honeymoon was several weeks after the wedding, so we just got to it when we had time - no biggie.

Ashley - Married to the Game said...

Ah you just reminded me that I need to get on finding a rehearsal dinner dress!

Anonymous said...

I think if you are out of college, putting you are in a relationship with someone is a little silly. My brother got engaged last week and they were never "Facebook relationship". They did however, post they were engaged the next day after telling family and friends. I guess to each their own, but some people definitely like the attention.

♥Renee @ •Getting Fit Fab• said...

I am now researching your blog for calligraphy hints cause that is what I plan on doing to my invitations. But back to the facebook thing, my boyfriend (he's bought the engagement ring just waiting for him to ask LOL) and I didn't make it facebook official until 8 months into our relationship and after the first I love yous were said. We took our relationship slowly and even though we tagged each other if we were together it still wasn't "official" and when it was other people made a big deal of it, I just liked seeing his name next to "in a relationship" with. When we do get married I don't think the first thing on my mind will be changing my name and status... probably if I am very bored I might do that LOL. now stalking your blog for calligraphy!

Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

Jen said...

I'm so impressed that you addressed your invitations in calligraphy. I would love to do that, but my handwriting is horrible, so I'm not sure if I can learn calligraphy in a month's time (or ever...ha!). I see you are from Ohio. Are you getting married in Chicago or Ohio? We live in a suburb of Columbus, but we are getting married in Zanesville, OH which is about an hour east of Columbus. As for the Facebook status, I am so not tech savy, and had a horrible time updating my engagement via my phone (I was traveling the week after), so we will have to see if I can figure it out again after the wedding. We are planning on waiting a day or two before we head off for our honeymoon, so maybe I'll update it then from home before we leave :)