Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Think I Finally Caught the Yoga Bug

So back in high school my volleyball team had some trainers from the YMCA to come and kick our butts during conditioning. Please keep in mind our gym did not have air conditioning and it was in August...and that I'm a sweater. OK don't keep that in mind. It's gross. Anyway, one day an instructor decided we would do yoga without yoga mats in the gym as a cool-down. Needless to say, I couldn't do a single pose without slipping, and subsequently giggling, distracting anyone who may have actually tried to focus. My coach yelled at me and told me to go lift weights. Yoga was a joke to me after that day.

Fast-forward to last year when I went to a free yoga class because my awesome boss at the time got it for me. I thought it was a nice stress relief, but I didn't sweat and told myself that it wasn't worth the money to invest in a membership when I could workout at school.

Now I'm in the whole unemployment phase of my life and I don't have a membership anywhere. As I have mentioned before, I have become a junkie for OnDemand exercises. I think they are just plain awesome. Yes I still need hand weights (although my alcohol bottles truly are a nice substitute!), but I enjoy my daily dose of toning. Last week I decided to give yoga another whirl...and oh my gosh I love it! I am always sore the next day! Who friggin' knew??? There's a yoga studio across the street, and to my delight has free classes on Tuesdays! Woo! I went today and wasn't intimidated by everyone who is more flexible.

So yay for yoga! I still need to get solid amounts of cardio in because I'm a hefty gal and can't survive on yoga alone, but it sure is a nice cool-down and a nice change of pace!


Lucy The Valiant said...

I love yoga! But only in the privacy of my living room, very early in the morning, where no one can see how ridiculous I look! But it really is soothing, and a great way to get limber!

Mary said...

haha yes I absolutely love it! I find that some of the Comcast ones are more difficult than the free class, so I may just stick with being solitary! Plus, it's annoying, distracting, and somewhat intimidating to listen to other people breathe around me! :)