Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sharing a Little Shine

Every day I look forward to Ashley's blog posts at her inspirational blog, The Shine Project. Her message is simple: we all have the potential to shine in our lives. She has weekly challenges to push her readers in confronting their comfort zones, see the good in people, and spread the love! Now whenever I see an act of kindness I am reminded that Ashley is not alone in her optimistic outlook on life.

Anyway, last night toward the end of a road trip I came across something particularly shine-worthy and wanted to share. Andrew, another friend and I were traveling back to Chicago from a fun day in East Lansing for the MSU game. We stopped at a rest stop in Indiana, and when I walked in the restroom I saw a vase of simple flowers, something clearly picked from the surrounding area. Then I noticed roughly 30 notes scattered around this vase. Apparently someone brought this in to make the restroom a little nicer. The quick notes on scrap paper around the vase all expressed the writers' thanks for the flowers, said what they were doing on their travels, and wished everyone reading a safe trip. Some ladies wrote they were out of town visiting friends and relatives, a group on their way to Chicago for a girls' weekend, a weekend getaway with a boyfriend (who said she hopes to one day marry), etc. Most of the women said they were on their way to Chicago, just like me, only for different reasons - this realization made me stop to think: so many people take the same road to certain places but are all focusing on different paths. We're all connected, no matter our differences. All of this happened because someone just performed a simple gesture of brightening up a usually disgusting place! I love that many people joined in this activity, and I love even more that I got to see it. Anyway, I wanted to share this experience with you. I left my purse in the car, otherwise I would have snapped a picture and written a note, too! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend by watching a bunch of football. Go Steelers!

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