Thursday, October 1, 2009

Library Tales, Part I

Who doesn't love a good nerd post, right? Right.

Alrighty. So. I have a favorite spot in the library because it's by a window with an outlet and a comfy chair. It's also in the quiet section, which is the main draw. I love a good distraction, but noise is not one of them. I can manage just fine with a window and a computer. And a phone. And an iTouch. And the snack area a mere stone's throw away on this floor. Annnnyway...

One fine Wednesday, aka a big reading day for me, I got all cozy in my chair, plugged in my Mac and was just about to start getting my read on, when I overheard a conversation. Directly behind me were three ladies, all of which had valley girl accents. Lovely. Their "whispering" was so distracting I couldn't help but overhear. Let's call them Moron 1, 2, and 3.

M1: "I dunno you guyz, like, I totally heard that if you tan before you're 24 you're, like, more likely to get skin cancer."
M2: "Oh no, but I have to, like you don't even understand."
M1: "Ugh, I know, but you guyz, like, I don't want us to get cancer. I think I'm worried."
M3: "Yeah, but you guyz, I mean, like, pale people are ugly though."
M1: "So true. I haven't tanned in a whole day and I'm all, like, ugly and stuff."
M3: "No, you like don't even understand. I have fair skin with freckles. There's like nothing uglier than that."

Interesting on many levels, don't you think? Let's deconstruct. First of all, I of course, *like*, think about myself in situations such as this. Turn those tables, if you will. They weren't talking about me, buuuuut yeah. I'm pale. I am what M3 described: fair skin. Check. Freckles. Check. And thank you, I am beautiful. I don't mean to boast. Tan people are pretty, pale people are pretty...can't we all just get along? I don't knock people who tan at all. I wish I COULD tan. Some of my best and closest friends tan. That's not the point I'm trying to make. The point is to not make us feel like we're outcasts in society. We. Can't. Help. It.

Also, Skin Cancer is serious, and I don't want to get into why I'm very passionate about it, so good for M1 for at least voicing this to her friends. Okay, off my soap box.

Second: ladies, ladies, ladies. I don't have to look at you to know what you look like. I didn't notice you when I walked in because I was too focused on the coffee I just bought. But it doesn't take a genius. At this point, I'm picturing three attractive ladies in their 20s, probably 20 and sophomores in undergrad. I'm picturing one with obvious highlights (unlike my own. Mine are incredible.) who is sporting pink Soffe cheerleading shorts with a tight t-shirt and flip flops. Another with Victoria's Secret Pink sweatpants, white v-neck t-shirt, curly brown hair in a messy ponytail, and flip flops. The third is wearing a jean skirt, hoody, and Uggs. Just generalizations.

Third and most important: I heard that people who go here are smart. You three sound just so very young. And just, well, silly. When this happened I posted on my gChat status a brief description of what went down and I received many a chat about how those three sound like morons. So I'm not alone in this.

Admittedly, after a few minutes they started talking about Physics. So ooooook, I guess they have brains. But, since it's a Liberal Arts school and you can't just take Physics here, I overheard another conversation. M3 asked of her tan friends, "Is, like, Guatemala a country?" Oh man.

Needless to say, when they walked away to go to the dining hall for dinner, I looked over my pale and freckled shoulder to witness the three musketeers. Sure enough, there was indeed a pair of Pink sweats. Man I'm good.

When they returned after dinner they were almost louder if that was possible. They turned to talking about boys at that point. I was happy to depart for class.

Next time on Library Tales: Dude cracks up watching YouTube, a girl next to me in the silent section Skypes, and I write another post to avoid reading. Stay tuned!!!!


callie ;) said...

i wear vs pink sweats and go tanning...please tell me we are still friends!!!

Mary said...

LOL clearly.