Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

First of all, Kristyn is featuring me today over on her blog, Chits and Giggles! I'm so flattered!!!

Second, let's chat about some class today!

As the holidays draw near I know the good ol' 'sphere is flooded with holiday gear, from gifts to garb. 

Holiday parties are a prime opportunity to class it up, through the baubles and the bubbly!

Here are a few images inspiring me this season:







These outfits run the gamut, from casual parties to classy work events.
I'd also throw in some other colors, like burgundy, plum, forest green and gold. 
And definitely sparkles. Lots of sparkles!

Annnnd all together:

(Don't you just love PicMonkey?!?)

What do you plan to wear this season?

I bought a cute little red peplum from JCPenny for $12 (after a Retail Me Not coupon! Woo!) that I plan to pair with my black leather pencil skirt and black boots. Not the classiest, but heck, maybe I'll throw some pearls in there :)

Have a good one!


Whit said...

I feel like 1,2 and 4 need to be a permanent part of my wardrobe. Too bad all of the money goes to christmas this time of year :( I think I may be able to justify ONE "classy" outfit for parties though...
New follower - { Raspy Wit }

Miss Chelsea said...

I would like all of these items, in my size, by the end of the day please thanks

Stephanie said...

I love all of these! I love holiday outfits, I need more parties to go to so I can wear them. I don't know where to get a good sweater though, any ideas? I have an adorable rose gold sparkle skirt, but no perfect sweater to pair it with!

JJ said...

You have inspired me to find a good sequin shirt or skirt! I like the idea that a sequin piece could be a part of so many outfits :) Let me know if you have any budget ideas.

JJ said...

I love the idea of a sequin top or skirt for the holidays, you have inspired me to find one! Let me know if you have any budget ideas.