Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - On a Tuesday!

Wedding Wednesday
Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Kristyn and I thought we should start the link-up today just in case folks would rather post and read today instead of during their post-NYE recovery tomorrow. Your choice!

Last week I crossed off another item on the list: my hair trial!
It was so fun! My stylist was incredible and did everything that I want! She's also a seamstress and is going to fix my brooch and the hair piece on Andrew's family's veil! There's also a MAC make-up artist at the same salon and she will do our make-up! I just need to set up a trial with her the next time I'm in town.

It was so special to have my mom, sister and sister-in-law with me during the trial! We had a great time!

I will say, that looking at myself in the 'do I want, topped with the veil, really hit me that this is happening - and soon! 4 months! AHH! So much to do! AHH! So much toning and weight losing to accomplish! AHH AHH AHH!!!

Sorry, no pictures of the hair trial since Andrew reads the blog. If you're really curious let me know and I will email you a pic.

Aside from that, we are still working on the invitations, and figuring out where to get our rings. Also, January 2 is GO time. We are really going to kick our healthy lifestyle into high gear. I have less than four months to not hate how I look. It's a challenge that I accept!

How are you doing? Did you advance on your plans over Christmas?

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Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

How exciting about your hair! I bet you were beautiful! There's just something about veils that just put things in perspective! I'll never forget making mine and it just had that "this is really about to happen" feeling!

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

I can't wait to see your hair style! 4 months is so soon! Are you going to be posting your workouts? I started my wedding workout today. I already can tell my arms are going to be soooo sore tomorrow.

Happy New Year! xo


Janelle {Undomestic Bliss} said...

Yay hair trial! That's so fun! Sounds like things are moving along.

My resolution is to get it together and join the link up again next week!

Olivia said...

So excited to see you on your big day! You will look gorgeous!