Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I had another idea for a post today, so I will write half of it and then share what my new post is!

First of all, I had a nice surprise when looking for reception flats the other day: Dessy has cute and CHEAP options!

So I got two: one for the reception, one for the honeymoon (Costa Rica, baby!!! AHHH can't wait!!!)



Yay so fun!

OK now for the post that gave me CHILLS when I read it this morning!

Bonnie, from Life of Bon, is celebrating her third wedding anniversary today. She has been so honest about she and her husband's marriage thus far. I find it so refreshing! Her post today was no different: she listed 54 reasons why marriage is "worth it," and it made me want to run to Andrew's office, give him a big hug and a smooch and race down that altar already!

Please go read her post! It will take away any wedding planning stresses you may be feeling and help you put it all in perspective because the wedding is an awesome day but the marriage is an awesome lifetime!

How are you doing this week?

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Meg Taylor said...

Those are just lovely shoes and I can't wait to read Bonnie's post!

Kristyn said...

Very cute shoes! I need to post about my wedding shoes eventually. It's crazy how close it's getting! Everything is coming together for both of us. AHHH!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Beautiful choices!!

bonbon said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Mary! You are adorable!

daniela said...

Love your blog and so glad y'all have this linkup :)

You were right - Bonnie's post was so refreshing. It's all about perspective!