Friday, February 19, 2016

How I Optimize My Online Shopping

Hi there!

I rarely buy retail at full price. I just can't justify it, unless I need something right away, because I know it will always go on sale.

I'm not selling you on anything with this post, but I just have to share how I get the most out of my online purchases. No reason you shouldn't be optimizing, too!

First of all: ebates. 
You guys. Ebates is the best. I just got $30 transferred to my PayPal for shopping! I think you get paid twice a year or something. Basically you get a percentage of your sale in your account just by going to, searching the store, and shopping as usual. No strings attached. I'm sure you're being served ads elsewhere as a result, but since I'm in the industry it doesn't bother me. In fact, it intrigues me!

Second: retailmenot.
I seriously go there for coupon codes before every online purchase. 

So not only do I wait for sales, I scour other opportunities to save money!

OK so here's an example from my recent Sephora purchase. I needed some new mousse, a travel product and travel perfume. I went to ebates and searched for Sephora then clicked on over to the Sephora site. I already know I'm getting 4% cash back!
Here's the loot I went in to buy:
(PS - this is the BEST mousse in the world. I've done the leg work. It's worth the money. Trust the high hair.)

And of course the three free samples. (I love how Sephora allows you to pick the samples!)

And here's the fun part: my points
You get points for purchases, and I save them for stuff I wouldn't normally buy, as seen here with a lip pencil and an eye cream (#IAm30). Sephora sells a different eye cream by the same brand for $62. I don't even care that what I'm getting is small. I got it for free! Cha-ching!

The last item, a bronzer sample I'm curious about from Benefit, was found via coupon from retailmenot. Otherwise wouldn't have happened and since the full product is $28 and I definitely wouldn't have bought it on a whim.

So all of this stuff came to:

Oh and free shipping. Always free shipping.

Do you have any tips to share with me?

Have a good one!


Rachel Farrell said...

Awesome tips, Mary! PS - if you want an eye cream that is amazing for puffiness/under eye bags/crows feet, etc - I have one for you to try for $54, and it will last you 4-6 months. And you get your money back if you don't like it. How's that for savings!? :) XO

Unknown said...

Love this. I had heard of ebates (and swagbucks), but never really used it. I do, however, go to retailmenot for EVERYTHING. Sometimes you don't find any better deals than what is advertised on the website itself, but you just never know! I've found some great deals there.