Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Go Out On a Limb and Overshare.

So I workout, yes? We all know this. I mean, I could say it's because I'm fit, love to sweat, feel fantastic afterward, and all of that stuff really skinny people say...but hearing that makes me want to slap puppies...really I workout in the mornings so I don't sweat on my way into work and my hair looks good after I shower and primp. But that's not an overshare, just background...

My morning workout started out pretty lovely. The only other lady in the locker room was almost finished getting ready as I came in so I thought "Score! I love being alone in the locker room to get ready for work! Yippee!" So I took a shower, felt happy and clean, grabbed a towel, dried off in my stall...AND THEN MY CURTAIN OPENED.

That's right. A cleaning lady got a free show and it was only 8:30 a.m.

Now, the thoughts going through your head might be some of the following:

"Why did she open your curtain?"

"Didn't she hear you in there?"

"What did you do?"
"That's so embarrassing!"

"HAHAHAHA! Sucks to be you!"

All good thoughts and questions. Except for that last one. Anyway.

Cleaning ladies come in and out of the locker room in the mornings because there is a linen closet in the back. Sometimes the bags of towels are heavy, so the CLs (I shortened "cleaning ladies") ask some big dude to come in and carry them out. Usually the CLs say something like, "Hey! Anyone in here? Everyone decent?" Thankfully she wasn't accompanied by a dude. But still. There were no words. No no. Just some chick took it upon herself to completely ignore my bag of clothes and toiletries on the bench by the lockers and the delightful smell of soap wafting from shower #2. Instead she thought to herself, "Hmmmm MAYBE I SHOULD BE A GENIUS AND OPEN A CLOSED CURTAIN TO MAKE SURE NO ONE IS IN HERE. GREAT IDEA!" Oh wait, there IS SOMEONE STANDING NAKED IN THE SHOWER STALL SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who this woman was, because in the split second the curtain was opened and then quickly shut all I could do was scream and look the other way so she couldn't identify me later. But hey, it was all I could do. Also, I didn't want to know who it was...but now I'm going to suspect every woman in the elevator with similar features has seen me in the buff and I'm not okay with that. By the way, there are many women height 5'6-5'10 riding the elevator daily so my paranoia is through the roof. Of course she showered me with apologies (pun intended) but I couldn't hear her excuse over the pounding of my precious heart which was beating at an unhealthy rate out of shock, fear, and anger.

Oh well. At least it's Friday.

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