Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Talk Disney, Shall We?


So my sister spent her birthday with Mickey and the gang at Disneyland last month. And Monday over lunch, co-workers and I related one hairy co-worker's life to that of "Beast" from Beauty and the Beast. All of the Disney magic made me ponder...

I'm sure you've filled out some sort of Facebook quiz about which Disney Princess you would be. I know I have. I was Cinderella. [Or Sleeping Beauty (because seriously? Every morning I wish I had her hair).] While I enjoy some 'relly, admire her, and wish I looked like her, I never really identified with her. So here is my topic and please comment as you see fit.

Which Disney character are you?

I love Cinderella, but I'm more like her trusty mouse Gus.

Cute, chubby, sits back while others take charge with sewing and other household chores, eager to be the first to find the cheese, the house cat hates him, he laughs uncontrollably in inappropriate moments, loves a little adventure, and is, overall, a loveable creature. Our famed heroin saved dear Gus from the mouse trap and just fell in love with his cheerful nature and willingness to put a smile on her face. He eventually works with Jaq to get some scraps together for a fabulous pink dress for Cinderelly to wear. So adding thrifty and good in a pinch to his list of many traits just makes Gus me in animated form (it also makes me a dude in the land o' Disney, but I wasn't gonna go there). If you know me, then watch this video, take a gander at good ol' Gus and tell me our mannerisms are not completely alike.

Sorry, I tried to embed the video on here but it didn't work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFM2DCfKz0I&NR=1

So there you have it, Special K as a Disney character.

However, they do have a whole bar/beer scene in Beauty and the Beast so maybe I should instead be one of the chicks with the beer mugs drinking, singing merrily and making friends. Maybe one of them should be an official Disney princess and then I would enjoy that Facebook quiz.

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