Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Me?

I'll tell you what's wrong. Too many things going through my head, that's what's wrong. It's all happening, I tell you! It's.ALL.Happening. I went out of town last weekend, will again this weekend, am quitting my job on Wednesday, going home Thursday, then when I come back I go to two concerts, orientation, and then school starts. Oh and I must meet my deadline of finishing all Harry Potter books by the time school starts. AHHHHHNEEDABEER!.


In honor of the fact that I can't keep a single thought in my brain without thinking: "Ahh! I have to finish my work before I leave and pack up my desk and oh my goodness how can I take home all of my stuff when I have such an amazing social life that I have something planned every day after work?" to "Can't wait to watch the Steelers!" to "I need a part-time job/internship. I wish there was a Bob Evans around here." to to "GET ME OUT OF THIS JOB I AM SO SICK OF MOVING BOXES AND FILING AND MOVING BOXES SOME MORE!" to "What's Harry going to do if he's expelled from Hogwarts?" to "Aw. I can't wait to be home doing absolutely nothing in my basement wearing performance fleece eating Pizza Hut with my cat who hisses at me." to "wahhhhhhh I need to run more I'm fat" to...get the picture? If I wasn't so exhausted I'd be up all night going senile with all of these silly thoughts.

[Deep breath]

I decided to go all "25 Things" from Facebook because I can't flush out any of these thoughts to be a good entry. Please enjoy my stream of consciousness. I have to admit, the stream is rather entertaining when I have a small moment to reflect on what I just thought - before I go all crazy again.

If you are unfamiliar, Facebook has a note that was widely popular, where people listed 25 things about themselves that people may or may not know about you. Since I'm a jerk, however, I wrote things such as these few back on 1/27/09:
"4) I enjoy a nice pair of slacks.
5) The only time I enjoy work is when I'm doing anything but working (i.e. writing my first note, talking all day to Calshine because we are fantastic procrastinators, lunch with my co-workers, online shopping, etc.)
6) My favorite apparel is Old Navy Performance Fleece. If you haven't tried it, you should. If you're judging me right now, you're wrong.
10) I am growing increasingly weary that my butt has formed the shape of my desk chair due to the intense amount of time I spend sitting during the day.
11) Thankfully, I still play sports in my pathetic attempt to salvage any of my "glory days" from when I was the Bench Captain of my high school volleyball team. Yes, I capitalized that. My coach told me senior year that I was to be Bench Captain.
12) I am not a quitter. No matter the situation, or the title (i.e. BENCH CAPTAIN, Sorority President, etc.)
22) Someday I'd like to leave the country. hmmm...Maybe I should change that to, "Someday I'd like to own a passport." Good goal. Aim high.

And so on...

Here I go! 25 Random thoughts going through my head that I couldn't work into real entries. Sorry I'm crazy. You were warned.

1) My boss just called and said she's still in denial I'm leaving. Then she asked me to get her coffee and, in turn, I got free coffee. She really is the best boss ever. My other boss is a close second.
2) Britney Spears' "Circus" was playing at Saxby's, so I shook my rear while I waited on my free coffee. Now I can't get that awful song out of my head.
3) My stationmate lent me some CDs so I can add them to the iTunes "illegally" on my work computer to then add to my iTouch. I am currently listening to the Black Eyed Peas to accomplish two things: keep my rear shaking (it was fun at Saxby's) and getting Miss Spears out of my head.
4) is the funniest blog ever. Co-workers invited Meg McBlogger, one of the authors, to my going away happy hour next week. If she comes I'll be star struck. She's by far the funniest blogger ever. In fact, quit wasting your time reading my rubbish. Her blog is better. Enjoy and you're welcome.
5) I am inviting tons of people to my happy hour. If five people come I will be disappointed and will drink a lot.
6) If everyone or most people come then I will be very excited and will drink a lot.
7) I already planned the outfit I'm going to wear to orientation. Yes it includes wearing pearls. I think I'll fit in.
8) I really think that Ron and Hermoine should hook up already. All of their fighting is making Harry (and me) uncomfortable.
9) On the bus to New York last Friday I almost got in a fight. First of all, I was super hot and was sweating profusely. The sun was also shining on my side of the bus AND my lap top was on my lap. Hence, hot and bothered. So the broad next to me decided to be brilliant and blast her music so that I could hear it through Almost Famous that was playing at a reasonable volume from my headphones. So the dude in front of us not once, not twice, but THRICE accused me of being the loud one. Um, pardon me. I don't mean to stereotype, but the chick next to me was speaking Spanish as she walked on the bus and the music that was loud was clearly Latin jams. Honestly I liked the tunes. But don't accuse me, sir. The music playing on my computer at the moment he turned around the third time was Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." Show some respect, calm down, and point fingers elsewhere. Man I almost threw down.
10) When I got off the bus I waited on my friend at the Sbarro right next to the stop. I walked in to grab a drink and the guy behind the counter goes, "Hey Blondie, what can I get for you?" When I told him he goes, "Alright, sounds, good, can I have your number?" I (Graphic Heart) NY
11) Later that night we started with a LITER of beer each from an amazing Brooklyn German bar. Glorious.
12) The next day we saw Altar Boyz, an off-Broadway comedy musical about a boy band and the show was their concert. I was in tears from laughing. Please see it if you can. You can thank me later.
13) Later that night I stepped on a dead rat in Brooklyn. Then we went to a dive bar where we played Erotic Photo Hunt.
14) I'm still shaking my rear to the Black Eyed Peas. I can't understand what they're saying, but the beat is rocking my world. Party at my desk per usual.
15) Today for lunch the entire 9th floor is taking me out as a good-bye. It's very touching and I feel so special and I'm very sorry to sound annoying because I'm so happy.
16) I'm going to a wine bar in Chinatown after work and then to the Steelers bar on the Hill for the first pre-season game! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!!!!
17) Tomorrow I'm taking a road trip to Rhode Island. I can't wait to be on the beach with a few of my closest co-workers.
18)I have a list of things I want to do before I'm 30. On that list is that I want to go to Las Vegas, wear a sequin dress, stand next to the craps tables so some old fellas can buy me martinis and I'll blow on their dice for good luck. It could happen.
19) Anyone wanna go to Vegas for my 25th birthday?
20) My friend from home just texted me saying she's driving around, belting out *NSYNC. I can't wait to go home.
21) I made dinner twice this week. I can't remember the last time I did that. You know what? I'm an awesome cook.
22) Also, Whole Foods is super cool. However, I am slightly disturbed that I spend $5 on low-fat peanut butter. On the other hand, PB&J sandwiches make up for it.
23) Did you know there's a restaurant in NYC that only sells PB&J and milk? How freaking cute is that?
24) Did you also know that it's Beer Week in DC next week followed by Restaurant Week?
25) How about this: did you know that now that I'm a poor college student without a job that I can't afford to do anything fun but I do anyway? Yay loans. And for paying them off until my dying day.

Okay, so it lost its luster as I continued, but those really were my thoughts for the last few minutes. Excuse me while I go move some boxes again. Four days and 6 hours left!!!!!!

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Célia said...

If I am working for Utah Shakes next Summer, you should definitely do Vegas for your 25th Birthday! I will drive down to meet you there! <3 and miss you!