Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


Hi there!

I had an absolute blast in DC this weekend. It was somewhat difficult feeling like a visitor in the city I called home for four years, but other than that the trip was wonderful. The weather was perfect, Andrew flew a plane over Virginia, I saw pretty much everyone who said they could make it out, and went to some of my favorite spots in town. It's just what I needed.

However, it's strange how only five months away feels longer. Maybe it's because my DC life and Chicago life are vastly different, or maybe it's because other friends have moved to other parts of DC in my absence. Maybe it's weird to think about how life keeps moving when I associate the city a certain way - like when you go home from college for the first time and you notice your town added new restaurants or your favorite store closed: you imagine something a certain way and when you aren't there to be part of the change it seems unreal or just plain wrong. For example, both Andrew and my previous abodes on the Hill had apparent repairs to the facades of the buildings which we always wanted while we lived there. Then when we got back we noticed our own apartment building had new paint (!!!). Do we have to see something as it happens to accept change? Is this getting too deep for a Tuesday afternoon? My food coma has taken a turn from my typical spacing out to an over-analyzing session instead. Oh well.

Here's a picture from my pinterest for some classy inspiration this Tuesday. I would love to make a wreath like this - it is certainly a step in the classy direction as opposed to the current scarecrow wreath decorating our door! Have a good one!

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Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I have always wanted to go to DC... sounds like a blast!