Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Bit of Sass Thursday

Good morning, my dears!

Have you heard of Grumpy Cat?


He's quite the sassy cat.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Gets me every time!

We did our own little rendition of Grumpy Cat with Teddy.
He didn't take to the reindeer antlers I bought him too well:

We're thinking of making this a Christmas Card.


Janelle {insatiable apartment} said...

I love Grumpy Cat! He's proof that not all kitties on the internet have to be cute and cuddly. Way to be an individual, Grumpy Cat. Teddy looks like he's giving him a run for his money in that picture, though!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I've been laughing like a fool at Grumpy Cat.

My favorite is if you're happy and you know it I don't care.

Stephanie said...

Omg Teddy! He's even better than grumpy cat, look at that angry face!
My favorite grumpy cat is "you know what's great about the outdoors? Nothing."

Rachel said...

Hahaha I love this! Grumpy Cat is too funny! And I love that you dressed your cat up - I've been wanting to get some ears or a hat for my dogs! :)

Unknown said...

HA!!!! My cat would be so angry if I do that. ps. black cats are def the best ever, just sayin'

lauren said...

hey! i found you via side bar on the daily tay. your title pulled me in... anyway i'm a cat lady too, and my 2 kitties HATE the antlers. i insist on putting them on them each year though :)