Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday!

I'm still not exactly sure what to write about on Wednesdays. 

We haven't set a date yet but are shooting for the spring of 2014. 

Aside from not knowing anything I have a whole bunch of inspiration and ideas! 

Today I'm thinking up color schemes.

Some classic spring, some more fall-like, some just plain whimsical.
Sigh...any ol' colors will do.

Obviously, I must consult with the groom and the parentals, but this is a good start for now.
How did you decide? Any tips? Any favorites from the above schemes?


Ella Strand said...

Picking colors was the second hardest thing this far in planning my wedding!! Its tricky... Gotta look at your venue because that plays into it and think about some flowers you like.

I used and had my fiance browse to see what he liked too. He ended up choosing our colors :)

Good luck and happy wedding planning!!

DSR said...

I had a very easy decision to make. I didn't have a bridal party, so it was just our family down the aisle. My sister in law carried purple-ish/maroon callalilies and my white bouquet was sprinkled with lime green and light purple. Everything else was white and black. Simple!

Erin said...

Any of those will be BEAUTIFUL! :) I Would suggest spring-ish colors if you have a spring wedding- it will be easier to find dresses, decor, etc!

You will figure it out all out- and you have plenty of time :)

Megan O. said...

It's so nice that pinterest is here for your wedding and to get ideas from :) I love all these colors schemes! I think the 3rd one is my favorite for a spring wedding :) And in my opinion when it came to planning you cannot have enough color in the end so I'd say do for some of these amazing bright schemes you have :) So excited to watch all your wedding plans unfold!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Ugh... that's tough

xo, Emily

Nicole said...

I am really drawn to the first picture and the last. I think the first one would be great for later spring and the last one for early spring! You can never go wrong with neutrals!

Samantha said...

Loving the third one, especially for a Spring wedding!


Anonymous said...

I really liked the cranberry theme, however, I am also partial to pinks and grays. You have some hard (but fun) decisions to make. Have a great weekend!