Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Fancies: New Year, New You

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Happy Friday!

Today over at long distance loving the theme pays homage to New Years Resolutions...or what we think 2013 will hold for us, symbolized through style.

Well, I don't have resolutions, per say.

Typically the numero uno resolution for most folks is to shed some pounds off the 'ol rear. 

I hear ya.

I mean, it's a life-long goal of mine to lose weight. I already workout a ton, so that's not the issue. I eat pretty healthy and rarely drink (in excess), but it seems that anything yummy likes to linger on my bum longer than I would like. Meh, there are worse things in the world than focusing on my fanny.

So instead, I'll steer toward what is a little bit more in my control. 2013 will be full of fun, from planning our wedding to celebrating other weddings with family and friends. It will be challenging, as I have goals I want to reach for my career (I love my job!). It will stretch the wallet, too.

It will also be stressful, for all of the aforementioned reasons. 

What I aim to do in 2013 is to not sweat the small stuff and get lost in the details. 
I'm talking big picture stuff, friends. 

Therefore, my contribution to the Friday's Fancies link-up is an outfit full of small details that are, in my opinion, effortlessly put together. 

That's how I want to be in 2013: appearing like I have it all together no matter what details are swimming around in my head!

Friday's Fancies: New Year, New You

There's a lot going on here, but to me it works.

What about you? How will you be your best self in 2013?

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Anonymous said...

those seem like nice "goals" so to speak. Not sweating the small stuff always help. Where are those shoes from?!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love this idea and how you styled it. Don't stress too much this year! You'll be great!!!

Taylor said...

Love the skirt and those shoes!! (And so many people linking up are getting married soon!! I'm getting married next month and seeing everyone else's excitement and planning is making me extra excited!)