Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Hey everyone!

Could this week crawl any slower? Sheesh!

Let's have some class to get us through, shall we?

Over the weekend I was reminded of how rude people can be on public transportation. 
So I consulted Emily Post
Of course she has answers for common commuting courtesy. 

Honestly, it all makes sense, but people really don't do it. It's so simple!

I know I'm supposed to be classy here, but the snark could come out on this topic. 
I'm not going to dive deeper into Emily's instructions.

...but I will say one thing: please don't eat. Just don't. Think of the nastiness, first of all. Public transportation is disgusting at best. Do you really want to eat while riding on it?
Second, think of your fellow hungry man. I certainly don't want to smell your delicious fries when I'm on my way home from the gym. 
Third, if it stinks like fish or something then save it. Preferably hide it and stand away from me. Pretty please.

OK I'll stop there. Do you have anything to add?

Enjoy your day!


DSR said...

I certainly do not miss riding the CTA. This post reminded me just how little I miss it.

Anonymous said...

I do not miss the DC metro, at all. Especially in the summer. Oh those smells or being smashed against people. Gives me the willies just thinking about it :-P. - Kelly

Stephanie said...

Ugh the cta. I can't even handle it. So dirty, how could you EAT?!

Unknown said...

So glad I found your adorable blog through The Daily Tay! New follower:)


Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Oi. I just am jealous that you have the opportunity to get annoyed at yummy food eating man! Austin has basically no public transportation, so we drive everywhere. Not that that's always bad, but I adore visiting bigger cities that are just totally connected that way.

Chris said...

I hate when people talk on the phone loudly... like they're in their own homes. Hey lady... I don't want to know the details of your f'd up relationship and neither does anyone else. We don't feel sorry for you, we only think you're pathetic.