Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

First something non-wedding related:

Well it happened. 
Google Reader is no longer there for me. 
I opened my Gmail on three different browsers and clicked on "More" and then on "Even More"...

...and, well, it is no more.

I thought I had until July. I thought I had more time!

Sigh. This is very upsetting. Seriously, has this happened to anyone else yet? 
What's the deal, Google?!?! What did I ever do to you?????


Andrew didn't believe me.
We looked together.
We clicked on "Bookmarks." Nothing. So we clicked on "More" again and BOOM! 
My Reader was back!!!!!! Crisis averted!!!!

Maybe this visual will help. If not, let me know and I'll walk you through it. 

Please pass on the info so it doesn't happen to friends!


Andrew looked at the image I created and said, "You know, you could just type in ''"

That works too.

OK so onto wedding stuff!

Look at what The Knot is sharing with us now: even more reasons to despise the wedding industry (aka the most expensive cities to marry)


I could seriously vomit. Really? Really? Gross.

I blame Pinterest. excuse me while I go look for more wedding inspiration. On Pinterest. 



Ashley @ said...

I just looked at this and cringed when I saw the city I'm getting married in (Reno/Tahoe) on the list. No wonder I'm having the hardest time!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh my gosh... that's crazy. Get married in Atlanta! I've been to some great georgia weddings!

DSR said...

Yep, thanks a lot Chicago. I don't even know for sure how much we spent on our wedding. I have it all tabulated in different spots but I'm kind of afraid to look back and aggregate the numbers. Even after several years... Ahhh, good luck. Thankfully there was no Pinterest when I got hitched!

Holly said...

I saw this list and just about gasped at the prices! We're getting married in Mexico in a few months - and our wedding cost wont be anywhere near any of those :)

Anonymous said...

hey mary I nominated you for the liebster award! check it out on my blog :)

Chris said...

Weddings are getting more and more ridiculous. I was really lucky to be able to pull off a budget wedding, but hard decisions were made in order to make that happen. BUT I don't regret a thing.

Elizabeth said...

don't stress about the wedding moneys! I had a beautiful wedding ( you can look at pictures) and a BLAST with a $7000 budget. IT is possible to have your dream wedding without vomiting everywhere over ridiculous prices! lol

also, i suggest switching to bloglovin' it is so easy and organized. a great way to follow your favorite blogs!