Monday, April 14, 2014

A Couple of Things on My Mind

Hey there, gang!

I would say "Happy Monday," but the weather is awful, I have a headache, I'm exhausted and I'm stressed. 


Not exactly happy quite yet, but then again it's still early. There's hope!

Quick questions for all of you folks...basically I'm asking all of you to get my mind off of the negative and swing positive! :)

1) What is your favorite perfume? I would love to wear a scent on the wedding day (12 days away OMGosh!) and have no idea what to wear. I may swing by Sephora after work this week for a little stress relief and would love to pick up a new fragrance! (If it's super pricey, like over $65, please don't tell me! I can't afford more than that and don't want to know what I'm missing hehe)

2) To the married gals out there, what were your "must have" items on your honeymoon packing list? We're going to Costa Rica and want to know your tips! If you wish you would have packed something, please let me know that, too!

Thanks, all!


Jen said...

Must pack = waterproof disposable camera (if you don't have a waterproof camera already). We didn't have one and ended up buying one so that we could take more pictures on the beach and snorkeling. And, the pictures from the disposable actually turned out really well!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Ahhhh 12 days you're so close!

My favorite perfume is Viva La Juicy Nior :)

My must haves on my honeymoon packing list were several bathing suits and cover ups (you'll live in a bathing suit during the day), flowy dresses for dinner, a waterproof camera so you can take pictures while snorkeling or hiking to waterfalls, and bring some bath fizzers or bath bombs for the tub in your suite. Bonus points if you have a jacuzzi tub :-D

Faith said...

1. PERFUME. I identified the new thing I wear all the time (D&G Pour Femme) by going to Ulta (like Sephora) and picking up sample sizes (aka rollerball travel size). I went through about 3 before I landed on this one. It's good if you're indecisive or your favorite scent is discontinued (as mine was - L'Occitane Neroli eau de parfum RIP).

2. Honeymoon - double up on oversized scarves (pashmina or bigger) that can be used as wraps. We went to St. Lucia and I spent a lot of time wearing a swimsuit, a scarf, sunglasses and sandals. Also, if you're checking bags down, bring sunscreen with you, because it's always pricy at hotels. Also, Bandaids in case of shoe issues. I know I don't need to mention the Tide pen. You could bring fancy undergarments, but my money would be on saving those for when you get home, like a sexy sneak attack.

Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

I am not married yet (139 more days) but we do travel to a lot of beaches. This thing is awesome and I'll definitely be taking it to the Maldives on our honeymoon. It collapses into a small carrying case and weighs like a pound. Easy to pack and easy to carry. I love floating around the ocean! I got mine at target for like $7

Meg Taylor said...

Wow!! 12 days!! I'm with you about a new scent - if you find a good one, I hope you'll share the info! :)

Rachel T. said...

I was going to do the same with a new perfume so it reminds me of my wedding day! My everyday perfume is Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Shine. I think the smaller bottle is around $40. I actually used it for the first time the day of my friend's wedding so it still reminds me of her day lol I just love the smell :)