Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi everyone!

This weekend I went out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some friends and it was a blast, as always. From a house party to bar hopping, I definitely enjoyed the day. I'll spare you the stories, but I must say that this festive holiday is actually so much more than an excuse to drink. It makes me miss my family even more than usual! And, because I'm a jerk and feel like re-purposing content, I am shamelessly plugging an article I wrote for HoneyGood regarding celebrating the day in ways aside from drinking. There's a good Irish Blessing in there, too.

How are you celebrating today?!?!

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Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

I am celebrating today by having a drink and listening to music with my friends and family. Poor hubs has to work..but I did just make him a corned beef sandwich and soda bread to go with!