Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Work it Out Wednesday: Week 25

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Hi gang!

How's everyone doing this week?

I started the 21 Day Fix last Monday and so far it's going really well! Honestly it's been tough to say "no" to the free delicious food at my office as well as the treats I encountered at a shower on Saturday, but I'm happy to say I did it! Small victories, right?

(I say that as I caved and ate some pretzels during writing this Monday night. Ugh. I'm weak!)

I did a quick little workout in addition to my 21 Day Fix workouts for you Monday night (pre-pretzels). I strangely had extra energy after work on Monday (miracles DO happen, folks!) so I did the 10-minute ab 21 Day Fix workout followed by a HIIT addition to the workout I did in the morning. Whew!

Weekly disclaimer:
Remember what I said about my lack of qualifications? Please keep in mind that I am aware that I am chubby and have no fitness/nutrition authority. I'm just trying to spread some wellness love as I fight the battle to live well myself.

Weekly Workout:


How I made it harder: Considering I already did my official workout of the day, I didn't add anything to this.
Overall impression: It was over before I knew it, which is always a plus. However, those mountain climbers were brutal...but when aren't they??
Sweat factor (on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is when I look like I just got out of the shower): Only about a 3, which isn't saying much considering I did an ab workout before this.
How I felt when it was over: Proud I did this in addition to my daily workout.
Would I do it again? Absolutely! It's perfect for traveling or for a quick pick-me-up!

Weekly recipe:


Super excited to make this General Tso's Chicken recipe from the beachbody site. Hard to believe this is healthy, isn't it?

Weekly Motivation: 
Please watch!!


I relate to this new Better For It campaign so much! I love it!

Also, here's one from my page from my Motivational Monday post:

Weekly workout sass (the newest in my collection of Teddy adaptations):

Have a good one!

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