Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Work It Out Wednesday

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Hi gang!

I have a new series for Wednesdays!
No, it won't just be about working out.
Rather, every Wednesday I'll chat about wellness, including healthy recipes, little tricks to eat better, and motivation to get moving...with a new workout thrown in there from my Pinterest board.


Well, I think all of us could use some wellness inspiration. Plus it will keep me in check because even though I love to workout I don't always eat the healthiest. Keep me accountable and I'll keep handing you ideas. Win-win? I think so.

Keep in mind:
1) I'm not a doctor - everyone is different
2) I'm not skinny but I am proud of my muscles (that no one can really see but whatever I know they're there!)
3) I workout five days a week on average but it's not like I'm going nuts for two hours at a time. Basically, if I can do it so can you - and I'll show you how.
4) I'm really good at sweating. That has to count for something.
5) I don't necessarily workout to lose weight. That would be nice, but more or less I just simply don't want to hate how I feel. Ever feel sluggish and gross? Working out helps that. I never really change sizes, either, so it's not like I have to spend a ton on bigger or smaller clothes.

OK so here we go: week 1 of wellness.
Who's ready to get this party started?
(Just me?)

Today I almost overslept so I didn't get my typical 45 minutes workout routine in, which is what I aim for every day. By the way, 45 minutes includes stretching before and after a workout - it's important! I need to wake up earlier and bump it up to 60 minutes, but that's a work in progress!

However, just because I only had about 25 minutes doesn't mean that I took the day off.
I use Pinterest in times like this because it's easy to find many routines that you can do at home and sometimes without weights. In other words, time and space should not be the biggest issues.
No excuses!!

Here's what I did today:


How I made it harder: I added dumbbells to the lunges and squats. I would like to work up to 80  lunges per leg, but I did 80 total today (40 per leg).
Overall impression: I thought the lunges were the worst part, but I have bad knees.
Sweat-factor: I was dripping by the end, so this is a good quick workout in my book!
How I felt when it was over: exhausted, but I haven't had much sleep lately and I had bad food for dinner. Sluggish doesn't mean I can take a day off, though! I did it!
Would I do it again? Absolutely! This is especially great for traveling since you don't need weights or a lot of space!

Weekly recipe:
I have to share this since it's one of our favorites! We typically have it with broccoli and potato of some sort. It's delicious and nutritious!


Weekly motivation:

Weekly workout sass:


So what do you think?
Do you like this wellness idea?
Anything you would like for me to write about in particular?


Rachel T. said...

I'm on week 16 of Beachbody's Piyo and I run 2-3x a week. I've only lost 4 lbs in 16 weeks. FOUR. It's so frustrating but I blame my thyroid!! I eat well and keep track of everything on my fitness pal. I'm also really good at sweating - it's pretty gross LOL.

Olivia said...

Great Workout! I am going to add it to my "travel workouts" in my phone. Very similar to something we would do in CrossFit. And I am looking forward to this series!

Jessica said...

I think the wellness idea is great && I will definitely be reading them. I'm just getting back on track with trying to be healthier and I made myself workout before work this morning too. I love the idea of these smaller workouts because they are so much less intimidating then saying I have to go run 3 miles, but also are probably quite effective!

Alyssa Long said...

This is a great idea... and I'm liking that workout (I must try that)!! Everyone needs a little accountability sometimes :) I know I do! I'm the WORST about working out!!

Rachel said...

Oh I'm going to have to come back on Wednesdays for this! I am always trying to mix up my workout routine because if I get bored, I won't do it!