Monday, June 15, 2015

VittleWise: Yummy Food for a Good Cause!

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I am so excited to share my friend's incredible non-profit organization with you today. When my buddy, Ed, told me about his new venture my eyes opened a little wider and I grew in admiration of my courageous friend and his colleagues.

VittleWise is a nonprofit organization located in Chicago focused on providing food education and access to folks with limited time, resources and access to well-balanced meals. I took the following info from the Indiegogo page, YouTube channel and website:

"VittleWise provides food education and assistance to low-income families who struggle with food security as well as healthy cooking tips and kitchen tricks that save time and money. 

VittleWise focuses its efforts on SROs. Single room occupancy (SRO) units are low-income housing units that are government subsidized for people who struggle with homelessness and poverty. 

Residents of SROs only have a microwave for cooking a donated supply of mostly canned goods from local food banks. With limited cooking knowledge and limited resources, many struggle with malnutrition and much food becomes wasted.

Our solution to help prevent these issues is with the Microwave Meals Cookbook. We researched the commonly donated food items to make 21 meals using a microwave. We are looking to distribute these cookbooks and provide training for residents in SROs.

So far, VittleWise has donated over 100 Microwave Meals Cookbooks to individuals living in low-income housing units. These cookbooks are designed to make cooking easier and more enjoyable when dealing with limited resources."

When I sampled the cookbook I was AMAZED.
You guys. I'm not exaggerating. The recipes are SO good.

I made french toast, sushi and gnocchi!
All healthified and all requiring only a few ingredients. It was awesome to make the recipes so quickly and easily, too!

I admit that I shamefully knew nothing previously about the need for this cause. I am so grateful for VittleWise for the education and the inspiration. I don't get anything for promoting VittleWise except the honor to call the CEO my friend.

If you know anyone who may need the cookbook, please direct them to the site. If you would like to help, either visit the many opportunities listed on the site or visit their funding page to help them reach their goal of printing and donating a cookbook to all 6,000 SROs in Chicago! 

Thanks for reading! Please pass along to your networks and help spread the word!

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