Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Day in the Life

[On the Lake Placid Olympics Medal Stand]

Hi there!

I love when real bloggers write about their days. Why is it that pulling back the curtain to the ordinary is so freaking interesting? Even though I'm not a real blogger, I thought I'd try it out for myself.
 I am certainly ordinary. Busy, sure. But ordinary. However, in case any of you wonder what a day in my life is like as of late, I outlined my Tuesday below. This changes every day, but it's pretty typical lately.
Tuesday, September 27:
5:45 AM: Wake up, check email
6-6:45 AM: Too exhausted for my scheduled high-intensity workout, so I just did some yoga.  

6:45-7: Took a bath! My muscles were very happy.

[I will say before I move on that most days I don't go to the office until 9, so I either wake up a little later or between 7-7:30 I hop back in bed while Andrew showers. Teddy purrs next to me and I either mindlessly go through social media or even snooze a little bit. I looooove this time of morning.]

7-7:30 AM: Eat breakfast (banana and hard-boiled egg) and put on make-up while watching WGN Morning News. Best news ever! And yes, it takes me a long time to eat and put on make-up. My mug requires tons of effort before the public sees me.

7:30-7:40: Dry hair and pretend I can style it.

7:45: Give Andrew a smooch, Teddy a pet and run out the door.

8-9 AM: I'm on the hunt for a Mentor so I met a lovely lady for coffee. It was awesome and I left inspired!

9-6: All of the meetings for all of the clients. I kept my head above water juggling. Barely. I didn't have time to pack my lunch like I usually do so I ordered in (I was mad at myself. Should have woken up earlier).

6: Left the office so I wasn't the last one there. I can't be alone, even if it isn't late at night. Too creepy and I worry too much about not locking up properly. 

6:05: Hunkered down at Whole Foods since it has wifi (and beer). Did a little work. And had a little beer.

6:45: Ate a Larabar and listened to some tunes on my walk to choir

7-9: Choir rehearsal! 
Truth Time: Initially I planned to skip choir and go to book club, but then I decided that I had too much work to go to book club...but then I felt guilty for missing rehearsal and felt like I needed a brain break so I ended up going. I need the joy from rehearsal, but I was guilty the whole time. Not much joy this time.

9:15: Came home and helped Andrew finish making a delicious Blue Apron dinner! Yum!! He's the BEST, especially when he handles meals on my later nights (choir is once or twice a week...and most other nights I have other things going on...).

9:30-10: Eat and hang out with Andrew. Love him so freaking much. He's so cute!

10-11: Do more work so I don't feel like a failure.

11: Feel like a failure anyway and get ready for bed.

11:15: Hop in bed, thank the good Lord for my lovely husband next to me and sweet cat at my feet...and pass out before my head hits the pillow.
So there you have it! One of my crazy days documented!

OK I have spent too much time procrastinating by writing this post. Back to work!

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