Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stay Strong

The past few days I have read some heartfelt blog posts from blogs I follow and heard some hard-to-digest news from back home. It seems like many friends of ours are going through rough patches. I appreciate everyone who bravely post their stories and pray for your continued strength.

As I reflected on everything I've read, I recalled a brief encounter earlier tonight. I walked home from the L, felt exhausted from a long day, and noticed someone pass me in tears. I couldn't do anything but send up a quick prayer for her for whatever was going on. It definitely made me think how true it is that you never know the battle others fight. So what if I'm tired, you know?

Keeping all of these events in mind, I'm forgoing my usual "Little Bit of Class" theme with images of classy items to instead send happy thoughts and prayers out there. You never know who may need them.

OK fine, here's a picture of a puppy.

Did that put a smile on your face? :)

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