Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Weekend Recap

Hello friends! It's barely still Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to post about my weekend. Shame on me. To save you from scrolling through tons of pictures, I made some collages for free at I had to screenshot them since I'm on a Mac, but it's a decent tool for collages. Anyway...on to the pics!

My sister, brother-in-law, and beautiful niece came to visit this weekend! We had so much fun! The pictures above are Lizzie in a penguin costume at the aquarium, hanging out with her at dinner, Lizzie dialing Room Service, saying "Happy Day" to my dad on his 60th Birthday, and "Cheese!" for the camera. It was amazing hanging out with her - she's a walking and talking little person now!

The below collage is full of Instagram shots of the Field Museum. Andrew and I had to see the mummy exhibit before it closed and we are so glad we did! And yes, the middle-right picture is me posing with a row of dino skeleton heads. Oh and no, the pandas are not real.

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Thomas Burkes said...

Oh Cute baby! how old she is now? Nice field museum, I wish I can go there. Thanks for posting Mary.