Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Bit of Class Tuesday

Writing up a quick post over lunch because I just love Classy Tuesdays!

Unfortunately this is rather literal: I only have a little bit of class for you today.

Tomorrow I will post the second day of finding The Dress
Thursday I'm hosting a giveaway on Chits & Giggles!
Fun, fun!

All I've been thinking about lately are my favorite classy embellishments: pearls!

I just love the timeless girliness. Most don't agree, but I happen to think pearls could go with anything and I wear them all of the time!

What about you? Do you wear pearls?

OK lunch is over! Back to work! I'll have other classy topics next week!


Betsy said...

I don't wear the pearls I have that often because they never seem to go with the outfit but I definitely agree that they're timeless! I should really wear mine more often.

Unknown said...

note to self: wear pearls tomorrow. haha. i loooove pearls too!!

Diane Ladd said...

I've got a real pearl necklace that has 47 beads on it. I'm not sure what kind of pearls they are but there a creamy white color, fairly normal sized, and not to old.


Stephanie said...

I wear pearls all the time! I love them with just about everything!