Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birthday Tuesday!

That's right! It's my Birthday! My first 29th! 

This is the most low-key Birthday I have ever experienced.
No bars, no dinners out, no new outfit.
No big deal. 

I mean, April 26 was a pretty big deal so I think I'm good on big deals for a while.

Instead, Andrew and I are cooking dinner for three friends. 
Just a little party of five with a cat. 
And lots of wine.

In preparation for guests, we decided to organize all of our new, beautiful and thoughtful gifts!
(that I still need to finish writing the thank you cards for ahhh!)
Let me tell ya, this was no easy feat, but Andrew was a champ!
We owned Ikea this weekend and killed the directions putting together five new structures.

Yes. Five.
Five assemblies.
Five different ways to curse Ikea directions.

Five new organizational dreams come true!!!

Our TV/fireplace area:

Our shoes:

And my favorite, two new bookcases to showcase some of our lovely new gifts!

Obviously this is the most dramatic transformation, as after the wedding our previously bare corner was stuffed with stuff. 

We still have some closets and our desk area to organize, but we tackled the biggest obstacles - and made our place presentable for guests - first!

I also follow two rules on my Birthday:
1) Eat anything I want and don't feel guilty
2) No working out

Well, I am amending the rules this year...don't worry, I still plan to eat all of the food, but I went for a run this morning. I figured that if I have too much wine tonight and need the extra shut-eye, tomorrow would be a good day to take off. Then again, I'm a chubster and will eat sweets today, so we shall see. I don't really deserve a day off. Whatever. Details.

Do you have rules that you follow for your Birthday?

Soooo considering that my Birthday post is about cleaning and working out, I think I may be officially old.

Nah...I'll just keep acting my shoe size (8 1/2!) and I'll never be old.

Toodles until tomorrow!


Brittany said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like you guys will have a nice night

Katie Elizabeth said...

Happy happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Holly said...

Happy birthday, Mary Sue! I hope it's a great day and you enjoy it! xoxo

Rachel T. said...

Happy Birthday Girl! :)

Olivia said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

Ericka said...

Hope you had a great birthday and ate lots of yummy food and drank too much wine :)

Stephanie said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mary!!