Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Ladies Luncheon

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today I'm recapping the lovely Ladies Luncheon the Friday before the wedding!
While the ladies lunched, the gents went to shoot pool, drink beer and eat pizza.
The guys had a great time, and so did the gals!

The ladies met at Henry Manor, the same place that catered our party the night before!
I had never been to this quaint B&B, but lemme tell ya it is cuuuuute!


We had a delicious meal of chicken salad croissants with fruit, followed by the most incredible Buckeye Blitz cheesecake. I ate the whole slice.
What? I knew my dress fit at that point! ;)

I loved chatting with my girls, watching Lizzie play after eating and hanging out with my aunts, Mom, and Mother-in-Law-to-be.

The florist called during our lovely luncheon, though, and said she couldn't find one of the fillers that I wanted: the Brunia Berry. I wanted the grey from the berry in the bouquet to match the girls' grey dresses. I had a really cute inspiration bouquet that, in my mind, would be perfect. She assured me that my bouquet was still beautiful and would still match the girls with the grey from the Dusty Miller. She even sent me a photo to make sure I was cool with it.

Um, duh. I'm cool with it.
Plus, the girls' dresses didn't end up looking grey, but a grey-ish lavender (grrr), so it didn't matter anyway. I actually love my bouquet more than the inspiration photo, so nice job, Bloomtastic!!
I really appreciated that they called, too!

My Aunt and Godmother saw me fret (because it was a day before the wedding and my feelings were on overdrive - so silly!). She advised to let it go, saying that it's not worth letting flowers, of all things, get to me: "Mare, you can let this control you or you can control it. They're beautiful. No big deal!" She was so right.

Ugh. Feelings!

Aside from that ridiculously minor hiccup, the day was so wonderful!
All of us enjoyed our little respite from activities and inhaled the delicious food in such an idyllic setting.

And of course we took pictures.

Two of my aunts!

Cutest and coolest Mom ever! Thanks for hosting!!!!

Best Flower Girl in the world. 
Of course she's barefoot. Love it.

Best everything! Love my sister.

Ha - Kate's face.

Lizzie's pictures were of our knees.

So blessed to have an amazing Mother-in-Law!

Love these girls. I stole this from Instagram, obviously.

Next up: the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!
How is your week going?

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P!nky said...

Looks like a lovely luncheon! Love your dress!

Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC said...

So fun! Your flower girl was adorable!

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

This looks like such a wonderful luncheon!! Congrats on your wedding!!! Can't believe we are both finally married :)

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

What a fabulous luncheon! Love that venue. A buckeye cheesecake? OMG. Your bouquet was absolutely gorgeous! xo