Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Post-Wedding Slump

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Don't let the title of this post fool you, I really am experiencing wedded bliss. I love being married to Andrew. He's the bacon to my eggs!

What do I mean by a "slump," then?
Well, I miss many things about wedding planning, so much so that I have found myself in a post-wedding slump - a planning withdrawal, if you will. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but hear me out.

I miss:
The anticipation
The learning
The gatherings
The conversations
The giggles
The shopping
The gift-giving (the receiving was fun, too!)
The worlds-colliding experience
Yes, even some of the stress

I miss all of it. Thanks to our long engagement we had a lot of time to dream up what we wanted and we spent a lot of effort to make the dreams become reality. Our wedding was so lovely that I didn't want it to end because I know I will never have that group of fun people all together again.

During my Dad's sweet speech to open the reception he asked everyone in the room to raise their hands if they lived out of state. A majority of hands went in the air. We think about 19 states and DC were represented at our reception...and we invited people from additional states and countries as well. Having this "destination" wedding got us thinking about how blessed we are to have so many people across so much space...but it also made us that much more sad to wave goodbye when it was all over.
(OK fine, we were excited to wave goodbye at the time since we were heading to Costa Rica, but you get my point).

I know we chose to move away from family and friends after high school (Andrew) and college (me), but it was never easy to leave the people we love. I tear up every time I wave fact I'm holding back tears right now. I'm pretty jealous of people who live close enough to family and dear friends that they can spend unplanned time with them. If you are one of them, please know how blessed you are!

Am I alone in this? Did any of you other new wives experience a little planning withdrawal?


In other news, our photos are finished! We have an online password-protected gallery, but are waiting on the digital copies to share with everyone! Can't wait to show you!

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Jenn said...

I think I miss the excitement surrounding it, and having people ask you on a regular basis about the wedding. I think I'm a little fortunate because I didnt miss that completely since we just bought a house, right after we got married, so the questions and conversations have been centered around the new house and the excitement about that. I think if we didn't have that, I'd have been in the withdrawl a little more

Samantha said...

Although I'm still in the planning process, I'm 100% positive I'm going to experience these same feelings. I was done addressing the invites and I thought to myself "I'll never be able to do that again!". Ha.

I think it makes total sense - it consumed so much of your life for so long, it's kind of like "well, now what!?".

Rachel T. said...

I couldn't agree more. I feel like I have nothing to do now LOL. Evenings after work have been quiet and there's just no more wedding talk. I mean there is a bit - ordering our album and whatnot but it was the best time ever. I remember how I felt lining up to walk down the aisle. I was like omg, omg it's really happening. I remember feeling so happy and excited to see my husband up there and then to greet all of our family and friends. You're definitely not alone!

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

I'm fairly certain this is how I will feel too! I love planning and despite some of the stress, have loved having something to do. I'm on edge right now, but I know that I'll miss planning for the best day of our life. xo

P!nky said...

I don't miss the planning and the stress, it just wasn't my favorite thing to do.

But, I do miss the love, the happiness and all the family that was willing to help :)!

Susan said...

I think a lot of girls go through this... honestly, one of my best friends told me to be prepared for the "honeymoon breakdown." Apparently the lack of planning and no more details really hits us when we are sitting poolside with a drink in our hands, relaxing for the first time in over a year. I miss all my wedding projects, but it has also forced me to try getting back into my house projects and things of that sort. But I do have to agree - the BEST part of my wedding was having people from all over the world fly in for it. When else in your life can you celebrate with everyone you love the most, in one room??

Amanda Moments said...

Quite honestly, I had no slump. My engagement was so stressful, I just couldn't wait to actually be married, and was glad when it was all done. It also helps to refocus your energy on planning something else, like a shower for a friend, or starting the search for a house.

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

I definitely thought I would miss it but maybe I just haven't reached that point yet. We JUST got our photos yesterday and are still working on our thank you cards. We also just moved and I'm busy planning a house warming party / unpacking. I'm also planning my cousin's baby shower so maybe that's why I'm not missing the planning.

Hopefully your slump feeling will go away!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

You're definitely not alone! I felt like this for a while, and I tend to go overboard planning parties now because I still really miss planning something huge that I'm anticipating for a long time. I planned H's 30th b-day party for months and I usually start planning our annual Christmas party in July/August :-P