Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Work It Out Wednesday: Week 7

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Hi gang!

How was your Turkey Day?
I don't know about you, but I certainly overindulged on Thanksgiving and have been catching up ever since. Luckily my boxing gym had a special and now I am an official member! I've started a routine of going three times a week in the mornings and LOVE it!

On days when I don't go to the gym I'm still chugging along at home with P90X or Pinterest workouts. Otherwise my workout buddy (my cat Teddy), would get jealous! This week I woke up really late and only had 25 minutes so I gave two of the quick workouts I pinned a shot!

Weekly disclaimer:
Remember what I said about my lack of qualifications? Please keep in mind that I am aware that I am chubby and have no fitness/nutrition authority. I'm just trying to spread some wellness love as I fight the battle to live well myself.

Weekly Workouts:


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How I made it harder: I did the top one three times, but aside from that my grogginess prevented me from taking either of the workouts up a notch.
Overall impression: Pretty easy and nice to do on the groggy days when I don't have much time.
Sweat factor (on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is when I look like I just got out of the shower): I'd say about a 3 by the end of the second one.
How I felt when it was over: Honestly I felt lazy for not pushing myself harder, but felt better than not working out at all!
Would I do it again? Maybe when I need a little pick me up, but if I'm looking for a solid sweat fest then I will do something else.

Weekly recipe:

These Oven "Fried" Pork Chops from are currently in the oven and I can't wait to give them a try! (OK writing this after I ate it and WOW! SO good!!!)

I also tried what I posted last time for lunch at work and it's delicious! I'm so happy to have a new, easy, cheap and filling lunch!

Weekly motivation:

So true!

Weekly workout sass


All about the pig, working on the fox part.

Have you tried any workouts or recipes to help work off the turkey?
Please share!

Have a good one!

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Mae said...

I love your post! Getting into shape is hard work and takes dedication, so good for you!!! :) You should check out my post today on calories, it may help you out!

-Mae @