Monday, May 11, 2015

Product Review: Firmoo! Half Off for You!

So I'm basically blind without glasses or contacts. It's not fun. Even though I prefer how I look sans specs, I almost always wear them since I stare at a computer screen all day and my eyes get dry.

I know, I know. This is SUCH a cool story.
I mean, why didn't I blog about my dry eyes sooner, right?!?!

Joking aside (for now), I was pretty pumped when a rep from Firmoo contacted me to try out a pair for free. Yes, I'm reviewing glasses given to me for free, but opinions are my own! I have a couple pairs of glasses already, one black and one brown, so I thought this would be a great excuse to try some wilder hues. 

The process was really easy. I needed to get my prescription from my doctor and all I had to do was enter in the info on the Firmoo site before ordering. Easy peasy. I also enjoyed uploading my own photo to see how the frames may look on me.

Within days I received my pair of purplish/reddish frames and I wore them immediately. The fit is perfect and the frames look cute. My co-workers all noticed my new look and paid me compliments (thanks for that, friends!!).

Bluuurrrrrrrryyyyy. Ooops.

My only gripe about the experience is actually with my doctor, who thought it weird to give me certain measurements. I think it was the bridge distance. That was a silly exchange, but they gave me the measurements since I still give them business. Aside from that it was a very easy process. I didn't realize the package was coming from China, though, so it was interesting picking up the box in my building and trying to figure out what it was! Silly me, I clearly order things online too often and forget what I order! The package included a pair of glasses, case, spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver. Not a bad deal!

Would you like to try out Firmoo??
They are so kind to offer my readers a 50% off code on the frames site wide: 

Have fun and let me know which frames you choose!!

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Mae said...

I seriously love Firmoo!!! I need to get another pair soon. :) Your glasses look excellent on you