Thursday, May 7, 2015

Work it Out Wednesday On a Thursday: Week 27

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Hi gang!

How's everyone doing this week?

I love 21 Day Fix. So, so, so much. After the first 21 days I lost 6 pounds and 7.5 inches, two of which were around my waist. Then I took a few days off of the eating plan (and probably gained it back if I'm being honest lol) and I'm doing the whole shebang again. I guess most people do multiple rounds of the 21 Day Fix until they hit their goal weight. It's tough for me to stick with the meal plan 100% of the time but the workouts are great and fast so I've been doing them religiously.

I realize that not all of you have access to the workouts and meal plan, so I found some great videos by the same trainer, Autumn Calabrese, on her YouTube channel. This way we can all feel the burn together!

Weekly disclaimer:
Remember what I said about my lack of qualifications? Please keep in mind that I am aware that I am chubby and have no fitness/nutrition authority. I'm just trying to spread some wellness love as I fight the battle to live well myself.

Weekly Workout:

How I made it harder: Considering I already did my official workout of the day in the morning, I was surprised at myself for doing each of these workouts three times as suggested after work. That was hard enough for me!
Overall impression: The leg video made me sad since she was on a beach haha but overall I liked both. In fact, I LOVED the triceps video!!
Sweat factor (on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is when I look like I just got out of the shower): Definitely a 10. It was also warm in my apartment.
How I felt when it was over: Fantastic!
Would I do it again? I'm honestly thinking the triceps video will be a weekly workout addition for me. I really loved it!

Weekly recipe:


I want to try these for my lunches next week, but I will add the cheese each time instead of when I originally bake them to make them seem fresh. I'll also add some green onions and tomatoes on top!

Weekly Motivation: 


This is so true! Balance is key...which stinks since I'm such a klutz. ;)

Weekly workout sass:

I adapted a quote I saw on Pinterest :)

Have a good one!

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Unknown said...

Love this post and I'm so glad you're doing 21DF and in my challenge group:). I'm going to share this with the group to help motivate and inspire:)