Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dear Readers (if you still follow my blog!),

Today marks the first day of my last semester of grad school. I happily took the day off of work, met my bf for lunch, got a manicure, did some work, finished reading for class, and was until a moment ago engrossed in a fantastic book. I am sitting in my school's common area, similar to what I had in undergrad. What is different, however, is the complete social aspect. There is a student-operated coffee shop and numerous tables, chairs, and sofas are clustered throughout the open space. Students are all buzzing through the room, whereas no one would willingly hang out in my undergrad common area - this is an interesting realization, considering I think my undergrad was more fun than my current school! However, my fellow students are overall excited about tonight's basketball game as well as starting the new semester. Most of all, though, I am noticing the hugs - hugs of friends people haven't seen over break or maybe longer, hugs of people who missed each other, and hugs generally wishing the other person a good day.

What struck me was how this experience coincided with my reading for today's class. Basically this article served as an introduction into my course called Product Development and Usability - in short, it was an article on inspiration, backed by theories dating back to Plato up to recent interviews of people who feel inspired. I can't help but surmise that the hugs I have seen over the last hour have inspired me to write. I haven't felt inspired in a while, or perhaps I didn't focus enough in order to let myself write for fun. Instead I write for work and school, and while I enjoy both, I never get to write about myself - and let's be honest: this blonde is a little selfish at times (please see above paragraph where I say I took off work to get a manicure. I understand if you vomited slightly.). One point the writer emphasized was how the people she interviewed stated without pause that the opposite of inspiration is anxiety or depression. I am okay with admitting that I have had my anxious days in the past year as I realize how much I have grown as a person, essentially grown up if you will, and the anxiety of getting older and gaining responsibility can at times cloud perceptions, goals, and as I came to realize - inspiration. While I am proud of myself I realized that I ultimately was not motivated...I was just going through the motions. As the sun shines directly into this window over my gorgeous campus, though, I am inspired - I hope that this semester continues my successful graduate journey and I have to trust that this is only the first of many posts.

Hugs for everyone,
Special K

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callie ;) said...

i swear, i'm finally catching up on blogs for the first time in weeks...but i love this. and taking off work to get a mani? i have done this. it's okay. ;)