Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 4

Hello Readers!

This week I feel great but I figured before weighing in this morning that I wouldn't lose weight. I have a few examples of why I felt this way!

First, my parents came to visit, so I knew I would be eating more. When we went to a delicious brunch at one of my favorite spots, though, I made smart decisions: I got two eggs and a bowl of pretty fruit with homemade whip cream. I REALLY wanted the french toast, but I obviously had to abstain. Take a look at Belga's menu and you will understand how difficult it was to eat healthy. I left the restaurant feeling full, though, and the eggs there are THE.BEST.EGGS.EVER. I'm not exaggerating. They really are. :)

Second, my bf and I threw our make-up holiday party. He was sick in December when we were going to throw our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, so we rescheduled it (theme and all!) for this past Saturday. While we did plan our day in a healthy manner and made two amazing Weight Watchers-friendly appetizers for the party, I did indulge in some alcohol. I haven't had much to drink in a while, and I had a lovely time with my friends and parents drinking socially and sampling the snacks. While I did have fun, I did not go overboard. I am proud of that. Instead of holding court at the snack table, I mingled. Instead of drinking heavily, I drank steadily and always had a drink in my hand. Sure I had a little bit too much, but it's my party and I'll drink if I want to! :)

Third, the bf and I had a LivingSocial coupon for Chima Brazilian Steakhouse and decided to go to dinner there on Sunday. To save money and points, however, we decided to choose the meatless option. I know that sounds crazy to go to a steakhouse and not eat, you know, anything that previously mooed, but we did and we left very full and satisfied! We each had many points left for the day, giving us almost free reign of the AMAZING salad bar, including creamy veggie soup, black beans, rice, cheese and prosciutto! Mmm! We had a great time and laughed remembering the last time we went to a steakhouse and felt so full that we thought we'd burst.

So, there you go. Before Weight Watchers this weekend would have been a pig out fest, but instead I made good decisions and it paid off!

Weight loss: 2.1 pounds! :)

Total weight loss: 8.8!!

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight: 31

Overall mood this week:
The week was interesting because I had two papers due, my parents were here, and it was the first week without working. There were highs and lows, but today I feel happy because I had a great networking meeting, AMAZING workout (I love boxing!), and I got an interview lined up for tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Worked out:
Only twice, but they were tough!

Yummy finds:
We served two incredible appetizers at our party that were Weight Watchers friendly. First, we made Skinny Taco Dip by Gina. Gina is so amazing! This dip was a huge hit - it was absolutely gone by the end of the night and I didn't feel guilty sampling it throughout the evening. Second, we made Creamy Parmesean Spinach Dip by Gina. I was shocked by how much this tasted like something I would eat in a restaurant. It was fun to see all of my friends enjoying healthy food at the party and I especially loved telling them that they were Weight Watchers recipes! We might make one of these dips for the Super Bowl this Sunday! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!

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