Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 1

Good morning!
So I have made a few resolutions for the year. I know this yearly tradition for many people is full of empty promises, but I have made three realistic goals:
1) Hang out with friends more often. Especially now that I plan to move after graduation, I want to make sure that I spend quality time with the people I have come to love over the 3+ years I have been here.
2) Blog more. I discussed this yesterday, but it really is a wonderful tool for reflection and release. While my grammar is suspect and I do not have the best writing ability, it is enjoyable to put my thoughts into text.
3) Follow Weight Watchers. When I was a senior in college I joined WW and lost 35 pounds. I was the thinnest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. So, my bf and I decided that we should join and feel better about ourselves again. It will be good for us to journey together, but I am not doing this for him or for anyone else. Senior year I did it so I would get male attention, and as ashamed as I am for admitting it, it is the truth. Now that I have the love of my life at my side who (God bless him) says I am perfect the way I am, this goal is solely for me. I want to feel good again. I want to fit into the jeans I wore senior year. I want to love myself. I don't mean that to sound like I am depressed because I am quite happy. Rather, I want to believe the compliments again. I truly appreciate any kind words, but until you believe them yourself they do not absorb. So this final goal is going to be the most difficult challenge, but I know I can (and truly need) to do it again. I weighed myself this morning, so I know that it will only get better from here!

Luckily, WW has changed the plan a bit and now all fruits are pretty much 0 points! Woo! Any time I am hungry I can load up on grapes or whatever and hopefully that will curb my hunger without any guilt. This is exciting considering fruit was typically 2 points a serving on my old plan :)

Anyway, I figure that my WW journey will enable me to write once a week about my challenges and successes...and maybe I'll write in between, too!

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