Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3

Well hello, readers! It's been a pretty good week overall and I feel awesome. My classes are seriously inspiring, and combined with the weight loss my new found confidence is through the
roof. I have gone full force in the job search (anyone in Chicago need a MASTER of communications working for them? haha) and have been diligently working on my online portfolio while brainstorming creative projects for the semester. I even had an idea for two videos I want to make. I'm pumped.

I'm also excited because I've been presented with a challenging opportunity: searching for internships. My organization downsized this week and I am therefore out of a (paid) internship. Wah. However, this is my last chance to use school as an excuse to intern part-time. Wish me luck as I hope to get an internship at a PR/marketing/communications firm!

Weight loss: 1.4 pounds! :)

Total weight loss: 6.7!!

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight: 33.1

Overall mood this week:
Excited! My jeans felt pretty baggy this weekend and I felt more confident in my workout clothes. Okay, okay, I admit it: the jeans were probably stretched out and needed washed, but still! Albeit annoying, it felt nice to be constantly pulling up my pants! And don't fret, Monday was laundry day, and even after washing them, they still feel pretty loose!

Worked out:
3 times! Go me! Even though I'm carting around tons of junk with me everywhere I go, I feel great :)

Yummy finds:
First of all, I LOVE that fruit and veggies don't have points. We have been trying different fruits that I normally wouldn't buy. I have a new found love for cherries, and my favorite apple is Honeycrisp. YUM!

I didn't add any pictures last week, so here I go. First of all, the Chicken Ropa Vieja I mentioned from Gina's Skinny Recipes? Here's a picture! The bf's mom shared her delicious black bean and rice recipe with me, so if you're interested please let me know and I will ask her if she doesn't mind that I spread the love.

The bf and I tried another of LaaLoosh's Recipes: Baked Ziti. MMMMMM!!!! We used 99% fat free ground turkey and a low carb penne instead of what's recommended. LaaLoosh's recipe is also from the old point system. On the new point system it is 11 points per serving and is very doable for a delicious, healthy, and filling dinner. Look at this serving! It's HUGE!! We found another on the WW site for fewer points, so we may try that next time, but I love this so much that I'm not sure I want to!

The bf also had a great find at the grocery store this week: Special K Cracker Chips. They are tasty and only 1 point for 13 chips! That's amazing! Good find!! :)

My beautiful Little from my sorority shared some tips with me so I'm looking forward to trying those this upcoming week. I love the blog she suggested ( and can't wait to sample some of these treats! If you or anyone you know is on Weight Watchers and has great tips to share, please let me know!

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Christina said...

sorry to hear about your internship! i am confident that you will find something else...and better! GOOD LUCK LOVE :)