Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5

This week included a holiday so I knew it would be tough. What holiday you ask? Well Super Bowl Steelers Sunday of course!! Even though we lost I had a great time hanging out at a friend's party. It was better (and cheaper!) than hanging out at the Steelers bar all day on Sunday, and I made sure to be productive all day so that I wouldn't go nuts waiting for the game to start!

Weekly recap:
Well it was another crazy Friday night for my bf and I. We went grocery shopping! So wild, I know. We bought essentials that will last a while (aka freezer-friendly!). Plus, my hair deserves quality shampoo, which was on sale, so of course I bought two. Anyway, we were delighted to see that most of the Weight Watchers products had updated point values to reflect the new system. One product was even updated - for the better! Okay, so, there was a one-point tiny carrot cake that I craved when I was on the program in college. NOW it's a creme carrot cake - meaning, that for two points this carrot cake is now twinkified! That's right! YUM!

Our second exciting find was a new product by Lean Cuisine. The Market Creations are entrees that you leave in the bag to steam in the microwave. I was very excited to try the Asiago Cheese Tortelloni! It's 7 points and is a decent portion size. I had it today for lunch and it's tasty! Word of warning: know the wattage of your microwave. Let me explain. So, the bag directions say to cook for either 5 minutes or 8 minutes, depending. Well, I chose to do 7 minutes...but I think next time I'll try for 6...or I could investigate my microwave wattage. Decisions, decisions.

Saturday night the bf and I tried Gina's Arroz Con Pollo. This is SO insanely delicious. Look at this picture - that is one serving! It was only 8 points, too! From start to finish it took about 1 1/2 hours - but the last half hour is completely hands-off and is the hardest part because it smells so incredible!
I ended the day with 8 points remaining, so do you know what that means?!?! Dessert! We found Edy's Slow Churned No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream, which is 2 points per 1/2 cup, and with Diet Root Beer, a root beer float was such a fantastic way to satisfy my sweet tooth...and a way to keep me under my point limit for the day!

Sunday for the big game we decided to contribute to the yummy spread by serving a light Buffalo Chicken Dip, also by Gina. We served it with reduced fat crackers, carrots, and celery. It is supposed to be served warm, so we let it simmer in our awesome crock pot for the entire game. I should have promoted it more or put up a sign to say what it was because we have a lot left - oh well, at 3 points per half cup I'm happy we have leftovers! Next time we'll try it without bleu cheese and possibly less hot sauce.

Weight loss:
Unfortunately I didn't lose weight this week. I ate my feelings after the Steelers lost (aka 2 cookies - oops) and then didn't really eat well this week. What I mean by that is that I barely ate anything all day, worked out, and then ate most of my remaining points after 6pm. That isn't healthy, even though what I was eating was healthy. I gained .5 pounds, which isn't much, and I like to think it's muscle - I worked out 4 times - three days worth of crazy boxing class plus one day of running! Sure it's muscle, right? Right. Besides, no matter what the scale says, I feel really great!

Total weight loss: 8.3 pounds

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight: 31.5 pounds

Overall mood this week:
It's been an up and down week with the Steelers losing, not hearing back about the incredible internship that I REALLY want, gaining, medical issues, etc. BUT overall, this week was nice! I did some online shopping, caught up on 30 Rock, and had so much fun cooking with the bf. Plus, classes went well and I'm getting some confidence in myself.

Worked out:
Four times! Go me!

Yummy finds:
Food finds are discussed above in the weekly recap!

For some non-related food finds, ladies please check out the dress selection on TOO CUTE! I like a few of their shoes, but the ones I like have 5 inch heels, which does not work for me haha - I'm a 3.5 inch girl or lower! I walk too much and too far for the fun shoes!
I'm not a huge fan of their accessories and in my opinion the tops are not worth the prices, but I think the dresses are pretty unique and at good prices! Thanks to some great advice from some friends and fellow bloggers, I chose two of the dresses (and not all 6 that I liked haha), and one new coat which is also super cute. Maybe I'll post them when I get them if they fit? We shall see.

Also, I hope you are familiar with Etsy, the online flea market. I LOVE THIS SITE! My best friend from home has her own shop and has made some really cute things for it (she made them for me for Christmas!). I did need a new computer sleeve and found this gem:

And I have seen cute coffee cup sleeves in coffee shops and found AMAZING ones on Etsy for much cheaper. Check out my new one!

Finally, I thought this magnet was too cute...and crazy cheap...yes, I spent more to have it shipped. Whatever. :)
Have a good week, everyone!

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