Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 7; 30 for 30 Day 7

Good morning!

First I'll post my daily picture and then give the weekly updates.

Today's 30 Day Photo Challenge is to post a picture of my most treasured item. I mean, my three most expensive items are my beautiful TV that Andrew and his parents got me for Christmas, my MacBook Pro that houses my life, and my flute...while I treasure these items and they provide wonderful memories, at the end of the day they can be replaced. So here's a picture of my family. Well, two. The first is us Easter weekend after Kate told us she was pregnant, and the second is Elizabeth's Baptism.
Weight loss:
1 pound!!

Total weight loss:
13.1 pounds!!!!!!!

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
26.7 pounds

Overall mood this week:
It has been a nice week. I'm now used to being just a student instead of student/Intern, and I have been job hunting and networking at a steady pace. I have been pretty happy this week, but now that I lost weight I am much happier. Andrew's friend came for the weekend and we had some delicious meals, so I did not think the scale result would be in my favor this week. I still made smart decisions even with our awesome guest in town, though, so that's all that really matters!

Worked out:
Only twice. Oops. At least it's getting a little easier for me to run. I still have a long way to go before I can finally run outside again and run some decent distances (for me). I'm off to the boxing gym at noon for a class, though!

Yummy finds:

Monday's dinner ranks as one of my favorite Gina recipes. I seriously want to make her Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas every week. The flavors are so juicy and tender. Leftovers on Tuesday were just as good, and Andrew threw some bbq sauce on it and made a delicious pulled pork sandwich for his meal. Yum!

The other dinners we had planned were a massive failure, and I blame our local Harris Teeter and Andrew's freezer. First of all, the freezer is broken so we had to toss everything in it. Second, the meat we purchased last Wednesday ALL went bad so we couldn't make any of our planned meals except for the pork which we purchased at Eastern Market on Sunday. Thank goodness for that market! We enjoy going to the Teet later at night to avoid the crowds, but that was the last time we'll go mid-week!

I guess I shouldn't complain THAT much. We ate pizza from We the Pizza on Saturday and had meals at our favorite Eastern Market/Barracks Row restaurants on Sunday (Belga Cafe and Ted's Bulletin). P.S. Ted's bakes Pop Tarts and we took some for breakfast on Monday, because seriously? It's a must to buy these works of art.
In addition, we took our friend to our favorite vineyard in Virginia, Rappahannock Cellars, for some VIP treatment courtesy of Andrew's friend who works there. This wine is the best in the state! We each left with a few bottles in tow. It's always fun to have friends visit because it gives us an excuse to show off these foodie spots!

Our long weekend was so fun that we didn't want our weeks to start! Now the week is almost over! YAY!

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