Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 for 30 Photos: Day 5

Today's 30 Day Photo Challenge is to post a picture of your favorite memory. I am blessed to have many wonderful memories, and luckily some pictures to accompany them. Unfortunately two of my favorite memories were not captured on film.

The first was over Easter last year when my entire family came to DC. Only my brother-in-law and I knew why my sister was insistent that all of us be here. So, after an Easter Egg hunt, my parents opened an egg and found a picture of Kate's sonogram. She announced she was pregnant, having my first niece and my parents' first grandchild. My brother's face was priceless and it was so wonderful seeing everyone beaming with happiness. It's not in a picture, but I'll never forget it.

Here's a picture of Lady Lizzie after her Baptism on the day after Christmas! She's an incredibly beautiful baby. Elizabeth is very loved - and I spoil her whenever I get the chance! Gosh I miss my family!!!!
The second favorite memory may make you vomit, but I'm sorry I have to share it. It was the day I realized how strongly I was falling in love with Andrew. It was only a month or so after we started to date. I knew the boy could cook, but this was the first time he cooked his signature stuffed meatballs with pasta. He brought over all of the ingredients, put on songs by the Rat Pack, and we cooked together. It was such a blast being his sous chef, and at times he would stop cooking and pull me close for a quick, romantic slow dance in my kitchen. So yeah, a glass of wine, a handsome man, Frank Sinatra, and pasta: wouldn't you swoon too? While we love to cook together, that meal remains my favorite and we save it for special occasions. Again, there's no picture for this memory, but I don't mind. I'll never forget it - and I still get butterflies thinking about it! I love you, Andrew! :)

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