Friday, February 25, 2011

30 for 30 Photos: Day 8

Good morning! Today's 30 Day Photo Challenge is to post a picture that makes me laugh. Gosh I have too many. I'm a complete goof, so pictures with crazy faces are not only the norm among my friends, they are also expected.

Here are, um, quite a few. They are in no particular order.

Cappello and I dancing at Molly's wedding this summer and then us with Kate in the photo booth:

I love these cutout things. They always make me laugh:

I will never forget the girl who walked up to Andrew and asked, "Hey Bacon, who's taking YOU home?" Oh and the two of us waving Terrible Towels cracks me up.

Cappello and Pawlus at the "80s Prom Dress" mixer, complete with big glasses and intriguing faces.

New Years Eve 2008, ringing in 2009 with my partner in crime, Kim, at the Masquerade Ball.

My Little made me a penguin costume senior year, and I decided to take a picture next to a makeshift igloo and my penguin stuffed animals one snowy evening at Otterbein.

Callie, I really wanted to post a funny picture of us from your senior formal, but I decided against it, so instead here I am in a Steak & Shake wedge hat. hahahaha

Last but certainly not least, my signature dance move, developed and perfected at college get-togethers:

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