Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 12 and Friday's Fancies

Happy Friday everyone!

First of all I played on Polyvore and came up with this outfit for av's Friday's Fancies. I'm going to New York this weekend and if it was sunny and if I could afford it I would wear this outfit! Yet again I can't decide on shoes and purses, but I could easily switch it up mid-day, right? This is, of course, assuming I'd actually trot around in high heels around The Big Apple! lol

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
I gained .2 pounds this week.

Total weight loss:
15 pounds.

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:

Overall mood this week:
You know, I'm disappointed that I had a gain this week, albeit a very small, almost non-existent gain. It could have been worse: I could have eaten whatever I wanted when my friends from high school were in town this weekend. I could have not ran over 6 miles on Monday. I could have chosen to not have that extra glass of wine Tuesday night...and oh yeah Saturday night...oops...and yesterday, I could have eaten whatever I wanted and had multiple beers at the stadium to celebrate the start of baseball season. But I didn't.

This is what I did do: had a blast with my friends over the weekend, ran the furthest I've ran in a year, had a wonderful time cooking dinner with Whitney and Andrew, got a part-time job, got an A- on my paper and approval from my clients for projects, and cheered on the Nats in Opening Day. I'd say it was a good week, wouldn't you?

Worked out:
3 times! Oh and did I mention the 6+ miles I ran outside on Monday around The Mall? I did? ha! Oh well. I did it!!! Including running up Capitol Hill! Boom.

Yummy finds:
My graduation dress arrived in the mail, it fits, and it looks amazing! Yummy! lol


Abby said...

6 miles!? I am very impressed ;)

Holly said...

I love the outfit you chose, great colors!

Mary said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Stefany said...

I LOVE that dress! :) You'll have a blast in NYC. I live 15 mins outside of Manhattan and I love going there every single time. I feel like a tourist whenever I go.

ali v. said...

What a fantastic outfit would that be for roaming the streets of NYC--I love it! So happy to have you joining in for Friday's Fancies! I hope you will again soon :) xoxo {av}